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Dartmoor Summer Series – South Hessary

From Sunday 22nd August 0900

In the same way as last year we are running a series of map runs on Dartmoor in the summer, each one “opening” on a Sunday morning from about 0900. Whether you choose to meet up with others on the Sunday morning or just run it at your leisure at some other time is up to you.

Details and links below. 

No results but hopefully good training and aimed at experienced orienteers. The maps and necessary pins are available for download  in the week running up to each activity. If you are not that familiar with the maprun technology then details can be downloaded using the link below.

Each week there will be longer and shorter technical courses and what I have called an Orange course.....which has occasional harder bits ! You can have a look and see which one suits you. Perfect training for the upcoming season.

Be warned… you will need the paper map.  Any attempt to use just the map on the phone will fail miserably as its just a background type. Having said that why would anyone even think of doing it !

N.B We have become aware that the GPS location for the boulder at Control no. 10 on the Long course is in the wrong place.

If you are running this course, navigate to the boulder marked on the map but do not expect your phone to beep. Continue with your run, and after finishing, email to ask Matt to credit you with visiting this control.

Maprun Activities available from: 

Sunday 22nd  South Hessary MapRun

Sunday 29th Golden Dagger MapRun

Sunday 5th Sept  Houndtor MapRun


The maps for South Hessary can be downloaded using the links below:

Sth Hessary  Orange    Pin 3931    3.3 KM        85m Climb     1:7500

Sth Hessary  Shorter     Pin 5089    5.8 KM     105m Climb    1:10000

Sth Hessary  Longer     Pin 8858     8.1  KM    160m Climb   1:15000 !!

On your phone open map run6.. Select event…. uk….Devon….Dartmoor summer series 21 South Hessary and your course.

Remember: South Hessary is very isolated so take note of the weather and normal safety procedures. In misty conditions the technical courses could be potentially a challenge too far. They are certainly not for beginners. The long course is also a physical challenge

For guidance on Mapruns see: MapRun User Guide 

Sth Hessary 22.8.21 Orange: South Hessary Orange

Sth Hessary 22.8.21 Short:  South Hessary Short.

Sth Hessary22.8.21 Long:  South Hessary Long

General safety guidance for individual Mapruns:  

  • Individual Mapruns are run at your own risk 
  • Each runner should make their own assessment of risks in the Maprun area, including terrain and weather and how those risks are best managed, including use of a weather forecast and appropriate clothing
  • Participants should be aware of risks associated with the moorland environment and how to minimise and manage associated risks e.g. ticks, adders
  • Be aware of risks associated with traffic, cyclists and pedestrians, and act sensibly 
  • Under 16’s should be accompanied or appropriately supervised, particularly where there are risks associated with traffic and in remote areas. 
  • Current social distancing guidance and other measures to limit risks associated with coronavirus should be followed. 
  • In more remote areas, visit the venue with at least one other "buddy" who knows the area you are in, when you leave for your run and when you are expected back. Alternatively let someone know your plans and alert them when you are back. Carry a whistle in addition to your phone. 
  • On Dartmoor, if the weather is poor then think twice about going out. This applies, in particular, to the colder, darker times of the year. 


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