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MapRun - some info to get you ready for our Springtime events.

Matt Atkins and Steve Perrelle are planning some MapRun events this Spring. 

To make the most of them, it's best to download the app first. See the guide bellow for more info.  Dates to follow.

MapRun User Guide


Devon League event in the Quantocks.

On Sunday 23rd Feb, Quantock Orienteers are holding an event in Ramscombe North, near Nether Stowey, in Somerset. This event forms part of the Devon OC league.

7 'colour coded' courses will be available, from White - very short and very simple, to Brown  - very hard and long.

Find more info and entry link to the QO event click here.


Membership 2020

All ages, all abilities, all welcome!

If you have not yet joined -or re-joined - for 2020: 

Details about the different types of membership and how to join:

Senior - Adults aged 21 or over
Junior - Below the age of 21
Contact - Members of other British Orienteering affiliated clubs


Haldon Night Orienteering 11th January 2020

2nd Report - from Sarah Clough

Night orienteering: this sounded like an exciting concept. A friend of mine who orienteers in Yorkshire has been night orienteering a few times, but they were urban events. This was in Haldon Forest, not somewhere I have ever explored, but it certainly sounded pretty hardcore by comparison.


Haldon Night Orienteering 11th January 2020

First impressions from one competitor!

This was my first experience of night orienteering and one that will stay with me forever. I’m an experienced novice, capable of completing green but frequently make the same mistakes: running too far and consequently over shooting, this I attribute to my ultra-running background and lack of self-discipline whilst orienteering.


Haldon Night event

11th January 2020

Results are now available on the events results page


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