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Geraldine Gould

We are sorry to report that Geraldine Gould recently passed away at the care home at which she was living.

Many club members will remember Geraldine from her time in Devon Orienteering Club and as a result of the huge involvement she had, alongside Noel and other members of the family, in all things orienteering. 

As Andy Reynolds reports: "Geraldine was Chair of SWOA, a member of the Devon Committee, and organised many events and activities, plus of course, the Gould family were a familiar sight at south-west events selling O kit as agents for Ultrasport, out of the back of their Volvo estate or van."

Our thoughts go to Noel and to all members of the family. 


MapRun: Haytor

Maprun Meet: Sunday 2nd August 09.30

Report 3.8.20:  An almost perfect morning up at Haytor for the latest map run meet up on Sunday.

Although there were almost 40 runners out during the period the venue was big enough so it never seemed overly busy and the warden from the National park was quite happy when he came over for a chat !

Congratulations to all...... but especially the hardy three who managed to get round them all with some time to spare despite two controls being down in the head high bracken.... I clearly need to do something harder to ensure you don't make it in the future.

The technology is "interesting" . Firstly thanks to Matt A for sorting out so many of you and getting it working on what was for many of you new phones.

For the vast majority the system worked perfectly and you could forget your phone and just go Orienteering. There were still a few people with issues which is a shame especially as the answers are far from clear.

 It looks like we are having a weeks break but will be back in the future with more to test your brains including some on Dartmoor. Full details will be posted in the previous week and will also be on the website.    Steve


MapRun: Teignmouth

Maprun Meet: Sunday 26th July 09.30

MapRunTeignmouth 60 Min Score

Steve Perrelle is organising a Maprun meet this Sunday 26th July at 09.30am using the Teignmouth map. Details are available here: Teignmouth Maprun

MapRun User Guide V2

General safety guidance for individual maprunsMaprun


MapRun: Dawlish

Maprun Meet: Sunday 19th July

Dawlish MapRun

Matt Atkins is planning on having a run round our Dawlish MapRun this Sunday morning 19th July at 9am. You are welcome to join Matt for a run, for help if needed and to meet with others. This is a 60 minute Score course around the town streets and footpaths. See below for further details. 

MapRun User Guide V2

All Devon's MapRun courses can be found on the app by tapping 'Select Event > 'UK' > 'Devon.

General safety guidance for individual mapruns: Maprun


Haldon Forest Park Maprun now available!

All colour coded courses

The Permanent Orienteering Course at Haldon was opened in June 2019. You can now run all of the same courses using your smart phone to record -and compare -your time, your split times and your route. 

All the courses have now been tested and Maprun can provide a suitably challenging additional approach to the use of this permanent course. 



Maprun: Exminster

Available NOW!

Why not join Matt Atkins on Sunday 12th July to run the Exminster Maprun? See below for details. 

This is another addition to Devon's Mapruns. Mapruns are free and can be done whenever is convenient for you.

Get the Exminster Maprun map here.

This is a 60 minute score course. Visit as many of the controls as you can, in any order, within 60 minutes. 20 points per control, 10 point penalty for each minute or part minute over 60 minutes.

See here for more information on the Maprun app and how to use it:  MapRun User Guide V2

All Devon's MapRun courses can be found on the app by tapping 'Select Event > 'UK' > 'Devon.


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