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Forthcoming Events

Watch this space!

As lockdown eases, we have been able to open up discussions with landowners and seek permission for events to take place. We have a list of several low key local style events we aim to hold each month through to the summer. We have to be patient and wait for permissions to be granted as everyone is still learning exactly what will be possible as restrictions ease. This is also the season for ground nesting birds, so opportunities for access are more limited.

So watch this space, and the website, for more news on the following events (see below).


British Orienteering Webinars

Mapping -Tuesday 20th April and Tuesday 4th May (both 19.30 -20.45)

This 2 part series of Mapping Webinars is now open to book on for beginner mappers, would be mappers or those just looking to understand a bit more about how our maps are made. 

The webinars will seek to introduce some of the concepts and principles of Orienteering Mapping.  The webinars are packed with experienced presenters, knowledgeable panellists and outlining some of the basics to mapping. For registration details see below. 


Permanent and Virtual Orienteering Courses

Outdoor exercise and recreation during lockdown!

If you have not recently tried any of the permanent orienteering courses near you, or have yet to give Maprun a go, then lockdown v3.0 may be a great time to do so! And they are all free!

For Permanent Courses see:

For Mapruns see:

Please follow government guidance with regard to exercise and recreation. See below for more detail, which has been cut and pasted from British Orienteering:


MapRun: Key Information

All free to download and run!

MapRuns can all be done in your own time. There are score courses and line courses to choose from. Simply download the MapRunF app onto a smartphone, print a copy of the map and go and have a run!

Safety guidance for all individual Mapruns: See below

User Guide: MapRun User Guide V2    All Devon's MapRun courses can be found on the app by tapping 'Select Event > 'UK' > 'Devon'.

MaprunF: We now recommend all users download the latest Maprun app, which is MaprunF  It can be found here:

A list of all available maps and further details can be found below: 


Merry ExMas-O!

Want some Christmas Cheer? 

For the run up to Christmas -and beyond -Martin Yeo and Jemma Davie have put their collective heads together and come up with a fantastic collection of orienteering activities.

ExMas-O can be found here: ExMas-O


Scottish 6 Days 2021

Interested in sharing a caravan?

David Harper is thinking of renting a caravan at the official camp site for the Scottish 6 Day event in 2021 and is wondering if anyone else might be thinking of going and would like to share. If so, please see more details below....


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