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New to Orienteering?

This information is to help beginners and those new to the sport into orienteering. 

New!:  “Get Out and Go”
Learn the sport of orienteering!

Manchester & District Orienteering Club (MDOC) has just launched a series of four short films called ‘Get Out & Go’. They are available now on the club’s YouTube channel and at 

The films show how families, runners and walkers can enjoy learning the adventure sport of orienteering using permanent orienteering courses in local parks. They show all the basic techniques to get orienteering from white/yellow through to trickier end of orange.

Orienteering means maps, forests and adventure.

You can run, jog or walk, and choosing your route to the red and white markers is fun.

It doesn’t matter how young, old or fit you are, you go at your own pace.

If you like excitement, fresh air and exploring the countryside, then Orienteering could be the sport for you.

When you attend your first event, let someone at registration know and they will be pleased to find someone to help you.

You might also find the information for Newcomers to the sport, on the British Orienteering website, helpful: Newcomers Guide


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Colour coded comicstrip, British Orienteering

Colour coded comicstrip