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Permanent and Virtual Orienteering Courses

Outdoor exercise and recreation during lockdown!

If you have not recently tried any of the permanent orienteering courses near you, or have yet to give Maprun a go, then lockdown v3.0 may be a great time to do so! And they are all free!

For Permanent Courses see:

For Mapruns see:

Please follow government guidance with regard to exercise and recreation. See below for more detail, which has been cut and pasted from British Orienteering:


MapRun: Key Information

All free to download and run!

MapRuns can all be done in your own time. There are score courses and line courses to choose from. Simply download the MapRunF app onto a smartphone, print a copy of the map and go and have a run!

Safety guidance for all individual Mapruns: See below

User Guide: MapRun User Guide V2    All Devon's MapRun courses can be found on the app by tapping 'Select Event > 'UK' > 'Devon'.

MaprunF: We now recommend all users download the latest Maprun app, which is MaprunF  It can be found here:

A list of all available maps and further details can be found below: 


Exeter Maprun: Heavitree

You have 60 minutes to go from the Start to the Finish via as many controls as you can. Gain 20 points per control. Lose 10 points per minute - or part minute over 60. See below for a copy of the map and more details. 


Exeter Maprun: Polsloe and Mincinglake

This is a 60 minute score course in Exeter. The course is a mixture of residential streets, open parkland and a couple of hills thrown in for good measure!  For details see below.


Exeter Maprun: St Leonards

You have 45 minutes to go from the Start to the Finish via as many controls as you can. Gain 20 points per control. Lose 10 points per minute - or part minute over 45.  See below for map and more details. 


Maprun: Shiphay, Torquay

From Sunday 18th October 2020

We are opening up the next in our maprun series, the Torquay Shiphay maprun on Sunday 18th October with it staying open until the 1st November 2020. There is a long or short version. Hopefully many of you will give it a go. Feel free to post how you did on the Devon OC facebook page.  Details below. 


Maprun: Bishopsteignton

This is a 10 Control Line Course.

Maprun:Maprun Bishopsteignton


New Series of Mapruns!

Exeter Heavitree is the first.....

The next series of map runs start from Sunday 20th September.  In each case the map run will be open for two weeks before being archived to a different Maprun folder. The thinking behind this is to encourage people to get involved on a regular basis but keeping the asset available afterwards if anyone wants to use it.

We are opening up the Exeter Heavitree map run on Sunday 20th September with it staying open until the 3rd October 2020 and hopefully many of you will give it a go. Feel free to post how you did on the Devon OC Facebook page. 

See below for further information. 


Events, Activities and Mapruns

Update 7.9.2020

A quick update on where we are in these strange times.

Although we would like to be able to organise some “proper “ events we are in a position where two main landowners, Forestry England and Dartmoor National Park are not currently giving permissions for events. With the National Trust also having limitations on numbers it really is making life difficult for orienteers at the moment.

As a result we have been having a rethink over our Map Runs as it is quite possible that these might have to be the mainstay of the club for a period of time.


MapRun Meet: Cranbrook

Sunday 16th August 9.00am

Cranbrook Maprun 

Steve Perrelle is organising a Maprun meet this Sunday 16th August at 09:00am using the Cranbrook area. If you fancy a trip to an area you might not know well to test out the course yourselves then it would be great to see you. 

Meet at the Railway Station Car Park  EX5 3BA ( not good for sat navs).

Steve will be there from 9.00 a.m. He can bring along printed maps for anyone who is unable to print off their own from the link above. If you haven't tried MapRun before we can also give you a few tips to get you started.

Please email us:   if you would like to come along.  If more than a few people contact us we may have to stagger arrivals to stay within current guidelines but that shouldn't be a problem. 

This is a 60 minute Odds and Evens Score course around Cranbrook.

Details are available here and additional information below: Cranbrook Maprun.

MapRun User Guide V2

General safety guidance for individual mapruns: Maprun


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