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MapRun: Cranbrook

Cranbrook MapRun

Cranbrook ScoreB Details:

ScoreB is a time-limited scatter event with two sets of controls (ie of different “parity” - odd numbered and even numbered on the same map.)  Runners can run either evens or odds first and then the other. (More details below)

 MapRun User Guide V2

All Devon's MapRun courses can be found on the app by tapping 'Select Event > 'UK' > 'Devon.


British Orienteering Webinars

Routegadget and MapRun

There are two British Orienteering webinars coming up which may well be of interest to many club members. The first, on Thursday 7th May at 7.30pm, is on Routegadget and the second, on Tuesday 12th May at 7.30pm, focuses on MapRun. (On our website below see the MapRun initiative which Devon Orienteering Club is currently taking forward.)

To register see:http://


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