Devon Orienteering


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Maprun: Woodbury Common

From Sunday 29th November 2020

Our next maprun has been planned by Chris Perry and is aimed at orienteers in the eastern part of the county - but with lockdown coming to an end we should hopefully see a lot of visitors in subsequent weeks from across the county and further afield. 'Hope you enjoy it!

For more details see below. 


New Exeter Maprun!

Polsloe and Mincinglake -from 15th November

The next Maprun, opening on Sunday 15th November 2020, is a 60 minute score course in Exeter. The course is a mixture of residential streets, open parkland and a couple of hills thrown in for good measure!  For details see below...


Permanent and Virtual Orienteering Courses

Outdoor exercise and recreation during lockdown!

If you have not recently tried any of the permanent orienteering courses near you, or have yet to give Maprun a go, then lockdown v2.0 may be a great time to do so! And they are all free!

For Permanent Courses see:

For Mapruns see:

Please follow government guidance with regard to exercise and recreation. See below for more detail. 


MapRun: South Hessary, Dartmoor

From Sunday 1st November 2020

Our next maprun is aimed at experienced Orienteers in part of the Moor we rarely get to. It is not suitable for novices due to the exposed nature of the area.  This is real Orienteering….but without a flag to help. The Maprun will be available from Sunday 1st November to Saturday 14th November.

For more details see below. 


“Get Out and Go”

Learn the sport of orienteering!

Manchester & District Orienteering Club (MDOC) has just launched a series of four short films called ‘Get Out & Go’. They are available now on the club’s YouTube channel and at 

The films show how families, runners and walkers can enjoy learning the adventure sport of orienteering using permanent orienteering courses in local parks. They show all the basic techniques to get orienteering from white/yellow through to trickier end of orange.


MapRun: Key Information

All free to download and run!

MapRuns can all be done in your own time. There are score courses and line courses to choose from. Simply download the MapRunF app onto a smartphone, print a copy of the map and go and have a run!

Safety guidance for all individual Mapruns: See below

User Guide: MapRun User Guide V2    All Devon's MapRun courses can be found on the app by tapping 'Select Event > 'UK' > 'Devon'.

MaprunF: We now recommend all users download the latest Maprun app, which is MaprunF  It can be found here:

A list of all available maps and further details can be found below: 


Maprun: Shiphay, Torquay

From Sunday 18th October 2020

We are opening up the next in our maprun series, the Torquay Shiphay maprun on Sunday 18th October with it staying open until the 1st November 2020. There is a long or short version. Hopefully many of you will give it a go. Feel free to post how you did on the Devon OC facebook page.  Details below. 


Maprun: Golden Dagger, Dartmoor

From Sunday 4th October 2020

Our next maprun is aimed at experienced Orienteers in one of the best areas on the Moor. It is not suitable for novices due to the very technical nature of the area. If you don’t believe me download the map and see for yourself !  This is real Orienteering….but without a flag to help.

The Maprun will be available from Sunday 4th October to Saturday 17th October.

For more details see below. 


Devon O Club AGM

Wednesday 14th October at 19.30

The Devon Orienteering Club AGM will take place via Zoom on Wednesday 14th October at 19.30. All club members should have received an invitation to attend from the Club Secretary, together with a copy of the relevant papers, attached below.

If you have not received an invitation to attend, and would like to do so, please contact:  

Please email  to confirm your attendance. 


South West Orienteering Association

AGM 13.10.20 8.00pm

The SWOA AGM will be held online using Zoom on Tuesday 13th October at 8pm.  All members of SWOA clubs are welcome. The agenda is attached: Agenda 2020 SWOA AGM

Anyone wishing to attend should contact me on   before the meeting so that I can send an invitation.  Anyone who would like to stand for the SWOA committee should also contact me, I will be happy to discuss what it involves.

All reports will be posted on the SWOA website before the meeting and I will send a link to this for all those wishing to attend.  Helen Kelsey SWOA secretary


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