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South West Orienteering Association

AGM 13.10.20 8.00pm

The SWOA AGM will be held online using Zoom on Tuesday 13th October at 8pm.  All members of SWOA clubs are welcome. The agenda is attached: Agenda 2020 SWOA AGM

Anyone wishing to attend should contact me on   before the meeting so that I can send an invitation.  Anyone who would like to stand for the SWOA committee should also contact me, I will be happy to discuss what it involves.

All reports will be posted on the SWOA website before the meeting and I will send a link to this for all those wishing to attend.  Helen Kelsey SWOA secretary


New Series of Mapruns!

Exeter Heavitree is the first.....

The next series of map runs start from Sunday 20th September.  In each case the map run will be open for two weeks before being archived to a different Maprun folder. The thinking behind this is to encourage people to get involved on a regular basis but keeping the asset available afterwards if anyone wants to use it.

We are opening up the Exeter Heavitree map run on Sunday 20th September with it staying open until the 3rd October 2020 and hopefully many of you will give it a go. Feel free to post how you did on the Devon OC Facebook page. 

See below for further information. 


Events, Activities and Mapruns

Update 7.9.2020

A quick update on where we are in these strange times.

Although we would like to be able to organise some “proper “ events we are in a position where two main landowners, Forestry England and Dartmoor National Park are not currently giving permissions for events. With the National Trust also having limitations on numbers it really is making life difficult for orienteers at the moment.

As a result we have been having a rethink over our Map Runs as it is quite possible that these might have to be the mainstay of the club for a period of time.


Improvers’ Coaching in East Devon.

Coaching for Improvers on Woodbury on Saturday afternoons - 12th, 19th and 26th of September and 3rd October.

We'll be hosting a few light-touch coaching and practice activities in ear/y autumn for those relatively new to orienteering and improving their skills. They will be on Saturday afternoons. 12th, 19th, 26th September and 3rd October at locations in east Devon, beginning at Woodbury Common.


Cornwall Orienteering Club

First event post lockdown!

This Kerno event will be at Hardhead Downs on Sunday 27th September. 

Please see details below including special Coronavirus entry and management arrangements as well as directions. 


Alan Simpson -Presentation

Today's Maprun meet at Holne Moor (23.8.20) was notable as being Alan Simpson's last appearance before leaving for Yorkshire. We took the opportunity to mark the occasion by presenting him with Life Membership of the Club, plus a present to remind him of Devon- a jigsaw of the former Smallhanger Waste map (one of many that former Club Member Noel Gould used to make).

Those present took advantage of the lovely weather to have a socially distanced picnic in the car park.

Thanks to Steve for organising the Maprun. Although some of us had technical problems, it was wonderful to be able to get out and orienteer again, especially on a technical area of Dartmoor.


MapRun Meet: Cranbrook

Sunday 16th August 9.00am

Cranbrook Maprun 

Steve Perrelle is organising a Maprun meet this Sunday 16th August at 09:00am using the Cranbrook area. If you fancy a trip to an area you might not know well to test out the course yourselves then it would be great to see you. 

Meet at the Railway Station Car Park  EX5 3BA ( not good for sat navs).

Steve will be there from 9.00 a.m. He can bring along printed maps for anyone who is unable to print off their own from the link above. If you haven't tried MapRun before we can also give you a few tips to get you started.

Please email us:   if you would like to come along.  If more than a few people contact us we may have to stagger arrivals to stay within current guidelines but that shouldn't be a problem. 

This is a 60 minute Odds and Evens Score course around Cranbrook.

Details are available here and additional information below: Cranbrook Maprun.

MapRun User Guide V3

General safety guidance for individual mapruns: Maprun


Geraldine Gould

We are sorry to report that Geraldine Gould recently passed away at the care home at which she was living.

Many club members will remember Geraldine from her time in Devon Orienteering Club and as a result of the huge involvement she had, alongside Noel and other members of the family, in all things orienteering. 

As Andy Reynolds reports: "Geraldine was Chair of SWOA, a member of the Devon Committee, and organised many events and activities, plus of course, the Gould family were a familiar sight at south-west events selling O kit as agents for Ultrasport, out of the back of their Volvo estate or van."

Our thoughts go to Noel and to all members of the family. 


MapRun: Haytor

Maprun Meet: Sunday 2nd August 09.30

Report 3.8.20:  An almost perfect morning up at Haytor for the latest map run meet up on Sunday.

Although there were almost 40 runners out during the period the venue was big enough so it never seemed overly busy and the warden from the National park was quite happy when he came over for a chat !

Congratulations to all...... but especially the hardy three who managed to get round them all with some time to spare despite two controls being down in the head high bracken.... I clearly need to do something harder to ensure you don't make it in the future.

The technology is "interesting" . Firstly thanks to Matt A for sorting out so many of you and getting it working on what was for many of you new phones.

For the vast majority the system worked perfectly and you could forget your phone and just go Orienteering. There were still a few people with issues which is a shame especially as the answers are far from clear.

 It looks like we are having a weeks break but will be back in the future with more to test your brains including some on Dartmoor. Full details will be posted in the previous week and will also be on the website.    Steve


MapRun: Teignmouth

Maprun Meet: Sunday 26th July 09.30

MapRunTeignmouth 60 Min Score

Steve Perrelle is organising a Maprun meet this Sunday 26th July at 09.30am using the Teignmouth map. Details are available here: Teignmouth Maprun

MapRun User Guide V3

General safety guidance for individual maprunsMaprun


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