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Chairman’s Chat

February 2018

What do members want from the club? That may sound a relatively straightforward question; regular events, fairly close to where members live, not too expensive. Is this an accurate summary?

Well, the club tries to listen to members, we seek to have a knowledgeable, active committee and we try to work  out what people want. We also have many years of club experience behind us. That said, with over 200 members, there is bound to be a range of views. What are people’s expectations in 2018 and what about the detail? What type of events are members keen to see throughout the year? Regional? Local? Score? Night? League? Urban? Colour coded? Other? What is the range of colour coded courses members would like to see? What do newcomers or those who have very limited experience want?

How about training, coaching or social events? Do members want to take part in a short weekly series  of coaching activities? Evenings? Weekends? Just during the summer?  Should these take place before an event or be quite separate?

As you can see, these and many other questions might be pursued. Perhaps the answer lies in how many people choose to take part in a particular activity?

Steve Perrelle has recently taken on the role of Club Coach and is currently putting together a survey for club members using “Survey Monkey”.  When you receive it, please give it some thought, provide your response and let Steve, and the Club, know your views. We will not meet everyone’s expectations all of the time, but we hope to get closer.

I should also add a second question –and what do members expect to give to the club? I would hope the answer is, amongst other things, annual membership fees, a willingness to volunteer  and thanks  to those who have helped put on the events in which members have taken part.

Finally, plans for the Summer Series are well in hand. There will be four events targeted at a wide range of people to encourage their participation and, we hope, future membership. In the near future, we will be asking members to identify other organisations and clubs where we might promote the Summer Series and, subsequently, help distribute leaflets or a poster.  We would also be delighted if members could “invite a friend” to one or more of these events.

Spring is on its way; summer will be here soon! ‘Hope to see you at one or more forthcoming events.

Bryan Smith


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