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Devon League 2013-14

League Table (Final)

Devon League Table Final

Congratulations to the twelve winners of the 2013/14 League! In particular, well done to two family groups: Isabelle and Francesca Perren Smart (Yellow and Orange courses) and to Sarah and Philip Tadd (Green course). Mention must also be made of Kim Boswijk, the only competitor to attend all seven events, and Meg Somers, second female in both the Orange and the Light Green in the same season!

The League events were well attended this year -let's see if we can improve on our previous best in 2014/15 for which details will follow shortly.

In summary the winning Men and Women on each of the courses were:

Course M W
Yellow William Matthews M12 Isabelle Perren Smart W12
Orange Ben Stevens M14 Francesca Perren Smart W14
Light Green Flurry Grierson M12 Philippa Bushell W50
Green Philip Tadd M60 Sarah Tadd W55
Blue Tom Bate M45 Ella Bowles W55
Brown Ben Chesters M35 Robin Carter W50

It is planned to present certificates at the Club AGM in the autumn.

If any of the results in the League table appear to be incorrect, please let me know (and apologies for the delay in getting the final results on to the web due to holiday and other commitments).

Bryan Smith


Remember that, for the Yellow and Orange courses, the best 3 out of 7 results count this season, whilst 4 out of 7 events count on the Light Green, Green, Blue and Brown courses. Individuals who ran Short Green at Holne Moor can have their scores re-allocated to one of the other colour coded courses for the purposes of the Devon League.

If you see any errors in the League table, please let me know via the email address for the Devon website.

League Event 6 is on Sunday May 4th at Mutter's Moor, Sidmouth. May the forth be with you! We hope to see you there.

Bryan Smith

The Devon Orienteering League

The Devon Orienteering League aims to present regular and gently competitive orienteering to club members (Devon and non-Devon) and newcomers. All competitors are automatically registered at the time of their first run during the season. In 2013-14 (from October 2013 –June 2014) it is intended that the league comprises seven events over varied terrain, including Devon’s Galoppen (south-west league) event in October.

See the latest fixture details for dates of league events.

There are a range of courses available to suit both novice and experienced orienteers, linked to the British Orienteering colour coded guidelines. The courses used for the 2013-14 league are: Brown, Blue, Green, Light Green, Orange and Yellow. (For the Galoppen event in October, any competitor running on the Short Green course may subsequently have their score re-allocated to Green or Light Green, as they choose.)

Competitors scores are calculated as follows;
Score = (fastest registered competitors time/your time) X 1000

On all courses except the Orange and Yellow, the competitors best four out of seven results will count. In the case of Orange and Yellow, the best three out of seven results will count, enabling competitors to progress to a different colour coded course during the season.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the season for the first male and first female competitor on each course. On the Yellow and Orange courses, only junior competitor scores qualify.

Whilst shadowing of juniors is allowed we ask that this should be non-active unless the run is subsequently declared non-competitive. The adult shadowing the junior should also have already completed their run. Non-competitive results are not included in the league. Second runs at the same event should also be declared non-competitive.

For the purposes of the league, pairs are allowed to run on Yellow and Orange courses and shall be awarded the total number of points as if they were individuals. Competitors on Yellow or Orange courses may change to running individually or with a different partner at any event during the season.

Organisers, Planners and Controllers of league events receive a score equivalent to the average of the score they achieve at other events. Their scores are highlighted in red on the table of results.

Bryan Smith compiles the league scores –to whom any comments or questions should be addressed.


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