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Ashclyst Forest

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Sun 7 Oct 2012

Info updated: 21st Oct
Type of event: District-(C)
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Organiser's Comment

Well done to everyone who tackled the mud at Ashclyst! Nick & Roger as Planner & Controller respectively, carried out their roles with the calmness & efficiency that comes with years of experience.

Thank you very much to all my helpers who did a fantastic job, a few ended up doing longer shifts than I intended but didn’t complain which I am grateful for!

It was good to see lots of new people, hopefully you all enjoyed yourselves & will come back for more!

We owe an apology to Andrew Eaton-Hart who accidentally got listed on the wrong course, this has now been corrected & will show in the results. Sorry Andrew!

Matt Atkins

Planner’s comments

It was nice to be in Ashclyst with the sun shining on both Saturday and Sunday. Unexpected to be scraping ice off my windscreen at 6am on Sunday !

While some tracks have been improved by the National Trust, others that we would want to use for orienteering are sadly neglected. The “improvements” just West of the bridge cleared some saplings that were placed across the access to the NW track we wanted to use. Elsewhere, map changes were required to take out sections of paths that were not passable, even after “gardening” to clear branches, bracken and brambles.

There were a couple of suggestions that we should look at extending the map to the North around the Caddihoe scout camp. This, together with some revision of the existing map would allow more options and make it easier to plan courses avoiding less desirable areas.

The Yellow and Orange courses were straightforward, using the clear path network North of the road. And just as well with 25+ Duke of Edinburgh first-timers – the most pink wellies I have seen at an O-event !  Apologies to regular orienteers who were held up at registration.

Top-3 times for the longer courses were about right except for Blue where the inaccuracy of the green areas proved challenging to some. Brown length at 7.5km was slightly below guideline but top-3 times were on target. From comments, it seems that if you kept closely in touch with the map, and made good use of earthbanks in the green, you were ok, but if you drifted off then relocation in the variable green could prove challenging.

Only a couple of takers for the Short green course, included at the request of some senior competitors, and to align with the Kerno league courses. But with full Green technicality, also suitable for younger competitors moving up from less technical courses.

Thanks to Controller Roger Green for guidance and for drawing up the courses in OCAD. And thanks to Roger, Jill and Organiser Matt Atkins for help to place controls on Saturday. And thanks to Steve Perelle’s team from Torquay GS who collected most of the controls after the event, some having already run 2 courses !

Nick Hockey                

Controller's Comments

Nick Hockey’s controls were found to be pretty bomb proof when you got to them. Getting to them was problematic. Ashclyst Forest is pretty rough terrain and many paths have become indistinct and some have been lost completely.  William Kromhout’s map is very good but it was updated in places where paths have been diverted, become indistinct or faded away. The key is to keep in contact with the network of earth banks when you lose the path you thought you were on. The courses seem to have been well received and nobody complained in spite of the arduous nature of the terrain.

There was a good turn out and many juniors had second runs. This was no doubt because of the dramatic change in the weather forecast and because of the club’s active coaching programmes and we shall have to start printing more maps for the White, Yellow and Orange courses in future!

Roger Green


Nearest town: Westwood

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