Ashclyst ForestSun 16 Apr

Local level event

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Local events are usually low key and in the 'localised' area, ideal for newcomers to try the sport and Training events are non competitive and used for training and coaching, aimed at members of the club, but they can attract people from neighbouring clubs, and are often ideal for newcomers to try the sport. Regional events attract participants from around the local Region, National events are high quality competitions that will attract people from far away, Major events are Major Events such as a British Championships. Virtual events are where there are no physical controls being used. Your presence at a control is registered using an App on your mobile phone, normally the free MapRun6 App.

Terrain type: Forest

Last updated: Mon 17 April, 2023


Results for today's event here

Routegadget link here


Planner’s comments.

First my thanks to all those who helped today: Malcolm Hilton for helping put out tapes, stakes, and boxes; Philippa and Alan (and their teams) for their excellent organising; and all those who helped collect controls in afterwards. We had collected the controls in by 15.30, which made it a manageable day for everyone.

And my thanks to the NT (esp. Eileen Dillon) for allowing us to use Caddihoe. With 80 cars and 120+ competitors, our ‘normal’ carpark would have been impossible to use.

Ashclyst is not the easiest of forests to plan in at the best of times. The recent extensive forestry work has changed things by making some areas better and some worse. However, I limited controls to the best areas and planned long legs across the rest. The winning times and positive comments indicate that that strategy worked, and I was delighted to see so few (even of the beginners) retired. And initial Routegadget entries show a wide choice of routes, including some I had not considered! Please add yours – it does help the planner.

The Orange course had a longer winning time than expected, but then four of the top five were aged 8-12 and might have done a yellow if it had been available and their paths were especially muddy!

The ‘Bird emergency’ proved to be less traumatic than it might have been. Had they nested elsewhere on the map we might have had to cancel. But shortening the three longest courses only reduced the winning times by 5-8 mins. I think the new Light Green course was acceptable even if not quite as good as the original version.

I enjoy planning and would like to help train up others in the club who would like to try it. I have already run a couple of courses and would readily do another as and when required. Please contact Phil Beale if you are interested in challenging other orienteers but also giving them satisfaction and enjoyment.

John Pearce, planner


Last minute changes as of Thursday 13th.

Yesterday, for genuine ornithological reasons, NT asked us to take out two control sites and limit use of another. As the maps have already been printed, we have decided to do the following:

Brown and Blue courses will go direct from 1 to 4, and Green from 1 to 3. These maps will be altered with marker pen. If you have any doubts, please check with the start official when you pick up your map. These courses are now between 200m and 500m shorter.

The original Light Green course was heavily compromised and has been replanned. It is now of the same length and TD level, but the shape and compactness are not ideal. Should anyone wish to change to Orange or Short Green, please do so at registration on the day. These new LG maps will be laser-printed on waterproof paper.

The Short Green and Orange courses are unaffected.

With the club’s and NT’s apologies, John Pearce (planner).

Courses – there will be NO YELLOW or WHITE courses. See Flyer for advice on easier level courses.


Location Info

Near: Broadclyst
Lat,Lng: 50.79032,-3.41087
OS Grid Ref: SY006999
Postcode: EX5 3DU
What3Words: ///fattening.moral.position

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Pre-event Details

Map / Terrain

The map (1:10k) is a new one (2023) following extensive forestry work in recent months.

Course Information

Provisional course details:

• Brown 8.0k 220m
• Blue 5.7k 140m
• Green 4.6k 100m
• Short Green 3.8k 80m
• Light Green 2.9k 65m
• Orange 2.4k 55m

No Yellow or White courses, but the planner advises that the Orange course will be relatively easy, therefore good for anyone who would normally consider doing the yellow. If you would generally consider doing orange, the light green may be suitable, if more a little more challenging.

Read more about Course lengths and Difficulty here

Entry Details

Registration: Pre-entry is via Racesignup

Race Sign Up entries will continue to be taken up to 1800hrs on Thursday 13th April, or until all available maps allocated. There may be a limited number of spare maps for entry on the day, but competitors run the risk of being unable to complete their preferred course should maps run out.

Standard entry fees apply:
£10 standard adult

£3 juniors and students

SI card (dibber) hire will be available for £1.00. Punching will be using SI. SIAC will be enabled.

Registration and Start times

Starts are from 1030 -1300hrs.

Courses will close at 1430hrs. If you are a slower runner, please choose an early start to ensure that you finish and download by 14.30hrs.

Controls will be collected from 1430hrs.


Permanent flush toilets: Located near to the download / registration facilities in the undercover area.

Dog restrictions

Dogs are permitted on the event area if kept on a lead; the policy for this event is dogs will be permitted to accompany competitors whilst they are running on their course but must be kept on a lead at all times.

Contacts / Officials

Organiser Alan Knight/Philippa Bushell - email hidden; JavaScript is required

Planner John Pearce/Malcolm Hilton

Nearest A&E Hospital

Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Barrack Road EX2 5DW NHS
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