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Caddihoe Chase Day 1, including SWOA Long distance championships

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Sat 28 Sep 2019

Info updated: 15th Oct
Type of event: National
Type of terrain: Moorland


Caddihoe Chase Day 1 Results (and SW Long Distance Championships) 



South West champions


Planner's comments

This is my first time planning at level B and first of all I want to thank Graham Pring the controller assisted by Peter Morton for their comments which added to your enjoyment of the courses.  Also to Steve Edmonds who ran and provided feedback on the brown courses, helped put out the controls and indeed collect Day 1 controls on the Sunday when his triathlon was cancelled.

Historically I have taken on the organiser role for bigger events and when I took on the planner role I wanted this to be at Burrator.  I tried to design courses that:
Avoid the poor woodland areas
Lead competitors through available corridors in the bracken areas on the hillsides above the start area and river valleys
As far as possible get competitors to the East where the more interesting mining areas. I was pleased to discover that the Day2 course for brown could be printed on extended A3

So apologies for those who found the wrong sort of bracken – we did cut some back; honest. Looking at the results a special congratulation to yellow and orange competitors who persevered and completed their courses on day1.  The path network in the arboretum proved more confusing than I had anticipated.

The way the weekend should have worked was that Day 2 competitors on the longer courses would have been treated to stunning views of Plymouth Sound as they climbed past Leather Tor and descended to the finish.  Sadly this was not to be, we were one weekend too late. However, it could have been so much worse.  The heavy rain that began late Saturday afternoon did finish before the Sunday event. Day 1 control collection was deferred until Sunday.   The river crossing on Day 1 brown would not have been passable on Sunday morning although was OK by that afternoon.

Based on the forecast on Saturday afternoon and viewing the leat we removed a control near a leat crossing on the shorter crossing.  The longer courses also crossed the leat but at a place where it was jumpable and without a descent in the channel.  The yellow course was amended so that they crossed the leat on a wide bridge rather than a narrow stone bridge.  As it happened on the Sunday morning that bridge looked OK but the nearby road crossing on the light green and very short green was a river as the leat water spilled over the road there and down the middle of their courses.  My thanks to Andy Parkinson for clearing the blockage and avoiding the need for a minor diversion.

My thanks to Steve Perrelle for the bus transport which allowed more flexibility in choosing the day 1 finish and getting people to their starts, John Pearce for the map and making a few amendments, Roger Green for preparing the course maps and Alan Simpson and team for the organisation.

Nicholas Maxwell

Pre Event Information

Please see original  flyer and separate Final Details V3 of this event (updated 26th September 2019).  

NB. At the outset we decided that, in the event of too few competitors entered on the Black course to qualify for BOF ranking points, we would not offer the course. Sadly, that is the case. M21 will therefore run Brown. 

Entries now closed on Fabian4 although limited colour coded courses can be entered on the day and also the SW Long Distance Championships, subject to map stocks. 


Nearest town: Sheepstor

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