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Club Championships (Killerton National Trust)

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Sun 30 Jun 2019

Info updated: 02nd Jul
Type of event: Local
Type of terrain: Parkland


Congratulations to Arthur Boyt, our club senior champion, and Tom Perry, our Junior champion! 

Everyone enjoyed the sunshine and the excellent organisation at our club championships at Killerton.  Thanks to everyone who made the day such a success, particularly Tom & Harry McMurtrie, James Jackson, Helen Taylor, all the SI and registration team. The Maze was a great success, particularly for those that did it blindfolded, as the photos below show. The Maze results below are for non-blindfolded runs by the Juniors.

Club championship handicap results 

Club championships raw results

Maze results (Juniors) 


Stand-In Planner’s Comments.

A huge thank you to Jim for planning the original score event for Killerton NT back in January. Whilst I had to do a lot of ‘gardening’ at some controls, there were very few complaints despite the five month postponement and helped vindicated our decision to re-use the maps!  Getting all the controls and finishing within 60 minutes proved achievable, with the odds/evens format helping to make best use of the area. There was some debate regarding the need for a Transition Control (which can help on restricted areas) but the mix of odds/evens, controls with higher values, and the ability to choose when to transition, seemed to offer enough challenges for all age groups. Credit also to Jim for restricting himself to 20 controls – a feat in itself! I hope everyone enjoyed the day and will now see score events as a format that can be as good as a traditional line orienteering event! Many thanks again.

Tom McMurtrie

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Nearest town: Broadclyst

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Blindfold maze,

Blindfold maze

Tom Perry,

Tom Perry

Arthur Boyt,

Arthur Boyt

Club champs picnic,

Club champs picnic