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Incorporating the Yvette Baker Trophy Qualifier

Sun 13 Nov 2011

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Planner's Comments

Holne Moor is the area on which I attended my first ever Orienteering event. I was just 7 and followed my Dad around the Green Course, and all I could think about was how much my legs ached. But, there must have been something I enjoyed about it! Consequently, it was with enthusiasm that I accepted the offer to plan on the area, as it seemed like an appropriate place for me to plan an event.

Holne Moor is a large area, and my first draft of the courses was very different to the ones you ran, as I utilised the whole area on the reservoir side of the road. Originally, there were a couple of my trade mark long legs on the Green, Blue and Brown (including an epic 2.5km leg on the Brown!), as well as considerable use of the mine workings for short legs. At this stage, I was unaware of the restrictions placed on orienteering events at Holne Moor due to the sensitive nature of the ancient field boundaries in the out-of-bounds area marked on the competition maps. Fortunately, the mine workings remained in-bounds, but a re-plan was still required and, to my disappointment, the long legs had to go! Despite this, with the use of electronic punching, I was easily able to squeeze the courses into the available area, still have some long-ish legs, and retain the use of the mine workings.

Some would argue that the weather was ideal for an event on Dartmoor. To a certain extent, I’m one of those people (although I also love a clear sunny day on the moor)! So, I very much enjoyed my run around all the controls before the first people started – despite hanging the controls the previous day, I still had to orienteer properly to avoid mistakes! Whilst out on the area during the event, it was interesting to see individual’s different ways of coping with what were very challenging conditions. Some were carefully picking safe routes, others were running fast on a bearing and hoping to relocate near the control. Some people were deliberately hunting in packs, while others who had got into a group tried to sneakily punch the control without anyone noticing in an effort to ‘escape’ from the group! All very interesting to watch!

Thanks are due to all those who helped at the event, and made sure it ran smoothly. Particular thanks must go to Bill for his helpful comments as controller, and also to the athletes from Torquay Boys Grammar School who helped collect all 52 controls.

Despite not being able to enjoy the views normally on offer at Holne Moor (which I can assure you are fantastic!), I hope you all enjoyed your courses and felt that the trip to Dartmoor was worthwhile.

Ben Chesters.


Nearest town: Poundsgate

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