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The finish run in
The finish run in
Credit: Neil Clegg


Regional level event

What does this mean?

Local events are usually low key and in the 'localised' area, ideal for newcomers to try the sport and Training events are non competitive and used for training and coaching, aimed at members of the club, but they can attract people from neighbouring clubs, and are often ideal for newcomers to try the sport. Regional events attract participants from around the local Region, National events are high quality competitions that will attract people from far away, Major events are Major Events such as a British Championships. Virtual events are where there are no physical controls being used. Your presence at a control is registered using an App on your mobile phone, normally the free MapRun6 App.

Terrain type: Parkland & Urban

Last updated: Mon 10 July, 2023



SEOUL website: fixtures & league table



Planner Comments:

Firstly, particular thanks to Exeter University for permission to hold an event, once again, on the Streatham Campus. It provides first class terrain for an urban event, allowing scope to plan varied courses with good route choice, changes of direction together with a host of building shapes and intricate ground in between.

It is fitting that the area was first mapped by Erik Peckett, who sadly passed away only in the last week; he would have been delighted to hear how people enjoyed the challenge and complexity of courses in the university grounds. Thanks also to Tom Lillicrap and John Pearce for the care they have taken to update the map; as runners will have seen from the extent of building work it is an ever changing site. Even so, the late closure of a significant footpath and associated Heras fencing plus summer time work on part of the sports area meant further revisions to a number of courses and control sites. Next time, earlier engagement with the Estates team should be on the to do list.

In some respects, Course 7, for under 12’s, was the most difficult course to plan on this site, ensuring suitably traffic free roads whilst providing sufficient length. All other courses were far less restricted. Indeed, with virtually all of the students off site we had the area to ourselves. Only Courses 1 and 2 visited the steeply stepped new accommodation area to the east of the site. Course winning times were broadly as hoped and the number of people retiring or mis-punching was pleasingly low.

Many thanks indeed to Steve Robertson, QO, for agreeing to take on the Controller’s role. Steve’s conscientious approach and helpful manner meant that the likelihood of planning errors was substantially reduced and everyone benefitted from suggestions made to courses, control sites or control descriptions. Thanks also to Roger Hargreaves and KERNO for use of a good deal of their urban kit; much appreciated.

Bryan Smith

Controller Comments:

A great area for an urban event, challenging courses from Bryan Smith and smooth organisation by Nicholas Maxwell.

Choosing an out of term period meant that the university site was quiet but construction and maintenance work meant a number of map updates were necessary and ongoing checking, up to the week before the event, to ensure that walkways/paths, etc. had not been obstructed.

Urban courses, particularly on such a complex area, require more attention to detail, particularly the control descriptions, than in a forest and Bryan ensured that everything was exact.

Competitor comments were all positive and many enthused on how much they had enjoyed their course., even from those who had gone down dead-end paths and those who had mis punched !

Another good event from DEVON

Steve Robertson

Organiser Comments:

Thanks to the Devon helpers who all helped make the event run so smoothly. There was the usual early morning activity to get things set up but after that no unexpected moments and I was free to have a run and enjoy Brian’s courses. Thanks also to controller Steve Robertson of QO for his support. Points of interest were:

• Taking the decision to hold the tent down with sandbags and other weights rather than pegs to avoid a charge for a survey of the ground for underground cables. That seemed to work but meant we only had one tent and worried, unnecessarily, about the refreshments table in the open air. The forecast over the weekend changed from thunderstorms to light showers and then back to heavy showers. A former employee of the met office said there were very interesting weather conditions to the west of the UK but I am content with what was delivered on the day
• Discovering that the start area had a natural shelter from the one heavy shower. The start team appreciated those trees and thank the competitors for deciding to wait in their cars until it passed
• All 7 competitors on course 7 were accompanied and so the marshal for a road crossing proved unnecessary. He only saw one car! Indeed, the whole site seemed unbelievably quiet in terms of cars and other people
• The showers passed, the comments on the courses were positive, download had no worrying incidents, the sun came out and the temperatures rose allowing many to picnic on the grass or underneath the trees as it got warmer. I think we can all agree the end of a successful event.

Nicholas Maxwell


Part of Southern England Orienteering Urban League (SEOUL) series 

Flyer details here

Urban orienteering event open to all; novices and experienced orienteers alike. Exeter University offers excellent and varied terrain for an urban orienteering event. If you have not tried urban orienteering before, please enter; we would be delighted to see you. The event is also part of the Southern England Orienteering Urban League (‘SEOUL’).

urban and special symbols here

Out of Bounds symbols here

Location Info

Near: Exeter
Lat,Lng: 50.73380,-3.52127
Postcode: EX4 4QJ
What3Words: ///flops.minds.resort

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Directions / Parking

Follow one way system along Streatham Drive to car park D (free parking). Stop at Car park C on way for toilets in The Forum – building 3 on university site map attached.

Pre-event Details

Map / Terrain

Map Scale 1:4000 Contours 2m Updated March 2023 by John Pearce and Tom Lillicrap.

University campus with some areas of vegetation.

Planner Notes

Please bear in mind the following:

• Note the areas shown as Out of Bounds on the map and the associated legend. These include temporary construction sites. Also included as OOB are formally tended flower beds (shown in olive green) and which should not be crossed. See legend shown in attachment.

• There is a special symbol on the Control Descriptions for a seat, shown by an X. This is different from the symbol used for a seat on the map. There is also a special symbol on the Control Descriptions for a Pillar, shown by an O. See legend of map symbols in attachment.

• The terrain and route choice for some courses offers vegetated parkland running. For this reason, normal full body covering is recommended, but not required.

Course Information

CourseDirect LengthOptimal LengthClimbControlsMen's ClassesWomen's Classes
15.7km7.4km200m29Men’s Open (M18 -M35)
24.8km6.3km175m26Veteran Men (M40+)Women’s Open (W18 -W35)
33.6km5.0km130m21Super Veteran Men (M55+)Veteran Women (W40+)
43.1km4.0km115m17Ultra Veteran Men (M65+)Super Veteran Women (W55+)
52.1km3.0km90m16Hypervet Men (M75+)Women Ultra Veteran(W65+) Hypervet (W75+)
62.8km3.7km95m18Junior Men (M16-)Junior Women (W16-)
71.4km1.6km45m16Young Junior Men (M12-)Young Junior Women (W12-)

Please note: Juniors under 12 may only enter Course 7, with starts 1100 to 1159 only.

Read more about Course lengths and Difficulty here

Entry Details

Pre entry to 2nd July £10 seniors, £3 juniors and students.

Pre entry after 2nd July or entry on day only whilst maps are available. Seniors £12. Juniors and students £4

Pre-entry is via Racesignup:

Enter on Racesignup here

Check there for details of available maps if entry after 2nd July.

Punching will be SI. SIAC enabled.

Entry by class is preferred but for for those not wanting to participate in the league choose non-league individual and the appropriate course number.

Registration and Start times

Registration 1000 to 1230 – limited maps on the day – see entry details

Start times 1030 to 1300 (course 7: start times 1100 to 1159 only)

Courses close: 1430


First Aid at registration. Toilets/ refreshments at the Forum (building 3 on map); follow entry road route back to car park C. Refreshments at registration, weather permitting.

After your run, you are welcome to visit any of the cafés open in the Forum or elsewhere on campus. The Starbucks in the Forum tends to be open most of the time, as does the shop, located in the same area.

Dog restrictions

On lead in car park only

Contacts / Officials

Planner: Bryan Smith DEVON

Organiser: Nicholas Maxwell DEVON, email hidden; JavaScript is required

Controller: Steve Robertson QO

Nearest A&E Hospital

NHS Urgent care search

Safety Notes

• Be aware of traffic on all roads, including reversing vehicles, even though traffic volumes are likely to be small and speeds should be limited.

• Be aware of water hazards. Juniors, in particular, should be careful near small lakes, ponds and streams.


Devon Orienteering Club thanks Exeter University for permission to hold this event across their campus. Most students will not be on campus, but please be considerate to those that are. There may also be other events taking place on site. Please be aware of and be considerate to other people on site, particularly when running unsighted around corners, crossing roads and paths or whilst looking at your map.