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Haldon Christmas Social Event

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Haldon Christmas Social Event

Sun 2 Jan 2022

Info updated: 02nd Jan
Type of event: Local
Type of terrain: Forest


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Pre Event Information

Haldon Score Event Jan 2022 – Planner’s and Organisers’ notes………


Planner’s comments - It is always interesting planning the Xmas event. The main aim is to encourage new competitors and also to challenge all standards .

May I thank young Adrian Taylor and Ella Bowles for helping me plant the controls on the day, both volunteering to get to the Gnarliest sites.

Mike Cullen made a wonderful novelty control, especially his ability to dodge the stronger runners. Ben Chesters and Sean Rowe the difficult distant controls and also searched for a lost dibber near control 35.

I especially want to thank Steve Hayter, Beth Woodley and Ky Aizawa who volunteered to collect the majority of the controls. Their enthusiasm to help encourages me to get off my arse and keep doing stuff.

Thank you all for turning up, in some interesting weather and seemingly finding fun in a day running around a muddy forest in Devon!

Wilf Taylor


Organisers’ comments – WELL DONE to all today’s runners .

From the 7 who got the lot, to those who believed they’d scored a negative result, but still enjoyed it. In the end, no-one got a negative score.

Congratulations to Wilf – all the on-the-spot feedback at download was very positive.

A big THANK YOU to my co-organisers Helen and Adrian Taylor for helpful ideas, a practical attitude and great refreshments.

Any event needs lots of volunteers working together to run smoothly, and we were very lucky to have them.

THANK YOU  to Alistair Sellar and family for looking after the entrants in the car park.

Nicholas Maxwell – your help on the Start was appreciated.

Lisa and Matilda Hatchard were lovely Registration team!

Thank you - Steve Perrelle, Sean Rowe and Roger Green who also helped – by doing anything that needed doing.

Andy Reynolds, Roger Green and Martin Yeo also contributed, behind the scenes.


Lost Property –  A pair of red and grey asics shoes and 21 virages socks were left in the car park.

If they’re yours feel free to email to arrange to get them back.


Happy New Year,

Eleanor Taylor


Nearest town: Exeter

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