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Hound Tor

Sun 10 Feb 2013

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Pre Event Information

Planner’s Comments

I had previously planned on Hound Tor for the Caddihoe Chase in 2009. On that occasion, most of the interesting areas to the west of the Becka Brook were buried in head high bracken. This time the bracken had died and I was able to use the rest of the area, though the going was still rather unpleasant in places with a lot of brambles. Choices were also somewhat limited by the boundary walls, which we had to respect. I tried to ensure that the Brown course was really a Brown, and significantly harder than the Blue. This seems to have worked, the Blue was by far the most popular course. It was good that there was a fairly large overall turnout in poor weather which had threatened to be much worse.

I would like to thank Wilf for controlling and ensuring the courses were fair for the runners, Roger for helping with finalising the maps; El  Taylor and Kim Boswijk for helping to put out the controls, Jill Green for setting out the marked routes and Torbay scouts for collecting the controls in the rain.

Mike Cullen

Controller's Comments

Confusion caused by control description of 36 is down to me. I thought Rock step would suffice only got it wrong. New path just to west of site also seems to have been a problem. I had assumed that most would attack from path junction / rocky outcrop by Yellow course 32, and would ignore new path as being far too soon. I didn't factor it being first control. I thought Mike made excellent use of little used parts of map, and emphasised technical and physical challenges. 2 legs on east deserve mention: How many tried northerly path run between 64 and 65? 70 to 71 was a gem on the blue, having scalled the fell to 70 so many runners took the chance of a fast descent, realising too late to choose a target crag first. Roger is an excellent organiser completely in command and flexible enough to bend his plans at the last minute as circumstances intervene. I would also wish to thank Torbay boys for collecting controls, allowing the planner to set off for Heathrow in plenty of time.   

Wilf Taylor


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