Knightshayes National TrustSun 11 Jun

Adrian Taylor receiving the trophy on behalf of Devon OC
Adrian Taylor receiving the trophy on behalf of Devon OC
Credit: Adrian Taylor

Local level event

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Terrain type: Parkland

Last updated: Mon 12 June, 2023


Results for today's event here

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Organiser's Comments

Thank you all for joining us today at the wonderful setting of Knightshayes.

As organiser, it had been my suggestion to try and hold a loop race as a different format which allows good use of smaller areas and creating interesting courses. I am not sure that some of you knew quite what to expect on arrival although I had tried hard to describe it in the event details, but out of 92 who had pre-entered we managed to get around 68 people running against another competitor, so even if you did not both start together or maybe didn’t even realise it, you were still able to score points in the friendly competition with QO, even including one or two from other clubs to complete the pairings.

It all seemed like great fun, and I hope you enjoyed your picnic and sampled some of the excellent cakes that everyone had kindly brought to share.

In case you did not hear the final result QO scored 42 points and Devon scored 51, based on 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw (unlikely and none occurred).

Phil Beale

Planner's Comments

This was my first attempt at planning and from the very kind comments and feedback I received today (thank you), I think most of you enjoyed running the courses as much as I enjoyed the challenge of planning them. Please forgive me for the uphill finish leg that most of you had to contend with; hopefully the cake at the end made the climb worth it!!

When I checked the control sites a month ago, I had to make some changes to the courses due to the summer vegetation. Putting the controls out on Saturday evening, I was surprised to see just how much it had grown in the last month and was forced to cut a route through the worst of the vegetation to a couple of the control sites for today's event, but I'm hoping the high nettles didn't ruin your enjoyment of the courses too much.

Finally, I would like to thank Phil (Organiser), Matt (Controller) and Jemma (Timing Lead) and Martin for their guidance and support with planning this slightly 'out of the ordinary but fun' event.

Karen Baker

Controllers comments:

Well, that was fun!.......although i ate too much cake!!

This was Karen's first time planning and she did a great job with a format that the club hadn't used before. Knightshayes isn't the most technical of areas so planning interesting courses requires a certain amount of skill and Karen rose to the challenge admirably. Phil is a seasoned organiser and approached the event with his usual thoroughness and professionalism. Organising an event when you live on the other side of the county is always harder than when you live close by, well done Phil. Thanks to Jemma for leading the SI team, Beth for organising the tea tables and everyone else who helped out.

Also, a big thank you to Quantock Orienteers for putting a great team together and making the trip down to Knightshayes. Perhaps we could have a rematch on QO turf sometime?!

Matt Atkins


Final details here

Summer picnic and loop race event.

Join us for some friendly competition over either a Short, Medium or Long course, with a chance race against your friends, family or rivals, or simply run your own course as usual without the added pressure!

Please bring your own picnic to enjoy after your run, and if you can, bring some cake to share. The start and finish will not be far from the National Trust café, shop and toilets.

Please allow time to stay after your run to cheer and encourage other runners, and a very informal competition against QO is planned depending on numbers entering.

Please bring your own chairs if required or something to sit on. If you wish to bring any outdoor games to play after your run these would be welcome.

Location Info

Near: Tiverton
Lat,Lng: 50.92074,-3.48577
OS Grid Ref: SS957145
Postcode: EX16 7RQ

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Pre-event Details

Course Information

Short (1 loop) – 2 .3K, 55m climb - suitable for newcomers/novices and similar to Yellow/Orange standard

Medium (2 loops) – 3.9K combined, 130m climb

Long (2 loops) – 6.2K combined, 190m climb

Course lengths subject to final controller checking.

Please enter your preferred time slot as usual. Course lengths are approximate, and subject to final controller.

The idea of the loop race is that where a course is listed as having 2 loops you will run one loop, returning to a common control before heading off on a second different loop of similar length, to finish your course. By us identifying the loops as A and B, we can start 2 runners off at the same time. One person runs loop A then B, while the other runs B then A, so effectively the same course but in a different order. If you are running head to head with someone, the excitement comes at the crossover point between loops and then the run in to the finish, where we hope those enjoying their picnic will cheer everyone on!

If you wish to join the friendly competition we will try to select a competitor of similar age/ability so you race head to head, at around that time.

This will be done manually on the day so please accept some flexibility in start times to make that possible.

Devon and QO members are invited to race in this way if they wish, for an informal inter club competition.

If you prefer to simply run your own course as usual, that is fine, and there is no pressure to race head to head against others if you really don't want to.

Read more about Course lengths and Difficulty here

Entry Details

Pre-entry Via

Enter on Racesignup here

Registration and Start times

Registration 10.00 – 11.30

Starts 10.30 – 12.00


Parking in National Trust pay & display car parks. Free to NT membership cardholders.

National Trust café, shop and toilets all close by to event start and finish.

Dog restrictions

Dogs on leads are allowed at the event, but are not allowed on our courses, as courses will pass through enclosures containing livestock.

Contacts / Officials

Organiser - email hidden; JavaScript is required

Planner – Karen Baker

Controller – Matt Atkins

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