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River Dart CP: Devon League Event 6

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River Dart Country Park, Ashburton

Sun 26 Mar 2017

Info updated: 29th Mar
Type of event: District-(C)
Type of terrain: Parkland, Woodland


River Dart Country Park results 26 Mar 17 




Planner's comments

We have used River Dart Country Park for a number of consecutive years so my intention was not to use the park area but to shift to the wooded areas. The difficulty is usually with the White and Yellow courses, however, there were sufficient tracks and paths to make this possible. It did required a walk to the start which I hoped could be along the river path, however, because of erosion along the river bank we had to use the route through the field instead. As Alan as said, the courses were tough. That is largely because of the nature of the terrain with the steep slopes and the brambles. Hopefully this did not detract from competitors enjoyment of the event.


I did make a significant number of changes to the map. The map was geo-referenced to enable use of a GPS, however, this did highlight a number of discrepancies with some point features which were corrected. I did make a number of updates to the vegetation but only where it effected route choice. Whenever the map is used again there needs to be a more detailed review of the vegetation. I thing I learnt was not to make last minute changes to courses. A new control was added to the Light Green course. This resulted in two controls number 85 and 86 being placed close to each other on similar features. I don’t think this affected any competitor, although it was noticed by at least one competitor.

My thanks to Alan Simpson for his efficient controlling and Organiser Tom Snow for his help setting out controls.

Tom Lillicrap


Controller's comments

A pleasant sunny springtime day drew a record number of competitors, over 120, and the covered Registration area, with adjacent café and toilets is always a bonus. Thanks to the Estate for the special £2 discounted parking fee.

I feel that if we get 100 to a League Event, it is worth all the effort involved in staging the event. And it is an effort. Many thanks to the two Toms – Organiser Tom Snow (just M18) and Planner Tom Lillicrap a bit older, and also to all the other helpers involved.

Tom  L introduced some changes from previous events, putting the shorter courses completely in the woodland. It was a good idea, though perhaps the route to the start could have been clearer. It was possible to do a white course with the help of three Smiley Faces. And, unlike other parks which are generally straightforward, this one is complicated for newcomers and best not used.

The courses were tough but fair, and planned right up to the specified technical standards. I take a look at Splitsbrowser, as “dodgy legs” tend to show up as a rash of sudden drops in the graphs, but I did not see any. Certain competitors have their own sudden drops but that is something else!  My prize for consistency goes to Steve Edmonds on the Brown.

Unfortunately control 36 on the Blue and Brown got moved. For fairness we deleted the leg to it on the approach side.

There are some smallish platforms not shown on the map, but all the control features were a decent size. The pervasive ankle-high bramble is not overly pleasant, and the mapping of the green areas needs a review before another visit.

Alan Simpson

Pre Event Information

Dogs must be on a lead at all times including designated dog walking areas. Owners are required to clean up after their dogs in all areas at all times.


Nearest town: Ashburton

Directions / Parking

£2 for parking. Follow directions to River Dart country Park then follow orienteering signs once you enter the estate. There are toilets at the event and a cafe serving tea coffee and hot food. 

Registration & Start Times

Entries from 10:00 
Starts from 10:30
Starts close at 12:30
Courses close at 14:30 
Courses Available: White, Yellow, Orange, Light green, Green, Blue and Brown. 

Entry Details

Punch type: SI
Hire fee: £1.00

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. If you wish to report any safeguarding concerns to our national governing organisation, British Orienteering, please email .

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