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Whitchurch Common: Devon League Event 5

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Whitchurch Common

Sun 26th Feb 2017

Info updated: 01st Mar
Type of event: District-(C)
Type of terrain: Moorland


Lost Property: A Trespass compass was handed in.  Any claimants should contact Graham at

Results: (Excluding legs to and from Control 57 on Blue, Green and Light Green)

Whitchurch Common Results V2

Route Gadget:


(One of the photographs shows a keen competitor take a tumble -and quickly get up again, unscathed -on the run-in.)


Organiser's Comments

Sunday’s visit to Whitchurch Common was this winter’s final visit to Dartmoor before the bird nesting season restricts access to the moor.  Walkhampton Scouts turned up in force and there were a pleasing number of new faces, mainly from the west of the county.  Judging from the favourable comments from most competitors, I think the indifferent weather was more of a problem for the helpers and officials than it was for those out on the course.  Apologies for the misplacing of one control, I hope it did not cause too much distress, before it was corrected.

My thanks go to Bryan and Nicholas for providing challenging and interesting courses and to all those who provided assistance on the day: Wilf, Damian, Mike, Ann, Kim, Andy, Alison, Matt, Steve, Guy, Helen, Alan and Ella.

Controller's Comments:

Planning an event on Dartmoor in February is unpredictable.  Within the week there had been unseasonably warm and sunny days, driving heavy rain (late Saturday) and at 2:45pm on the day of the event the rain arrived in force and the cloud base came down below Pew Tor.  So we did not get the sun but were lucky that the worst of the rain did not coincide with the event, the visibility was good and the tent survived the challenging wind.

Bryan decided to start the courses at the south of the map and at this time of year this is the safer decision.  More significantly it allows allows competitors to enjoy the very runnable areas which contain many point features obscured by bracken in the early autumn.  Courses were planned slightly shorter given the risk of adverse weather conditions.  The feedback from competitors was positive.

My apologies to the green, light green and blue competitors for not spotting the misplacing of control 57 which in the early part of the event was in the pit in the control circle and caused problems for some competitors.  The legs to and from that control will be removed from the timings. Nicholas Maxwell

Planner's Comments

Whitchurch Common is an interesting area on which to plan; classic Dartmoor, in many respects. Runnability was quite good today, but if the mist had been down or it had been wetter underfoot, then times would have been slower. Competitors seemed to enjoy their run, however; a good physical and mental test with a fair amount of route choice on the more technical courses, over or round Pew Tor. 

The old adage that, if something can go wrong, it will, was in evidence again today. Control 57 should not have been misplaced; my fault for a lapse of concentration at the wrong time when setting out the last of the controls late afternoon on Saturday. One or two early finishers recognised there was a problem and the control was re-positioned. SI means that it is not the end of the world, but frustrating for the event team as well as for some of the competitors, for which apologies. Hopefully, the SI team will be able to provide a re-adjusted set of results.

Thanks to Nicholas for guidance on a range of points, including aspects of early planning and control descriptions. Thanks also to Alan, Andy, Graham and Nicholas for control collection; all of whom were doubling up on tasks today. Bryan Smith 

Pre Event Information

This is the 5th Devon League event of 2016 -17. All ages, all abilities, all welcome!

Final Details: Whitchurch Common Final Details 

See attached flier: Whitchurch Common Flier

DNPA guidelines state all dogs must be wormed every three months and under control at all times.


Nearest town: Tavistock

Entry Details

Punch type: SI
Hire fee: £1.00

Contacts / Officials

Organiser: Graham Dugdale
Phone: 01626 852944

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