Devon Orienteering


Haldon Forest Park Maprun now available!

All colour coded courses

The Permanent Orienteering Course at Haldon was opened in June 2019. You can now run all of the same courses using your smart phone to record -and compare -your time, your split times and your route. 

All the courses have now been tested and Maprun can provide a suitably challenging additional approach to the use of this permanent course. 


For details about Maprun see the link here: MapRun User Guide V3

To select the course you want to run, open the MapRun app and tap 'Select Event' > 'UK' > 'Devon' > 'Devon POC's'  and choose your course.  Alternatively, if you are at Haldon, you can tap 'Events Near Me' and it will bring up the available courses.

Please note:

  • As Haldon is a forested area and the GPS signal is often weak, you are strongly recommended to hold your phone high in an upper arm holder or similar mobile phone carrier. This will help to ensure there is limited delay, because of the trees, in picking up a signal at the start, finish and at each control. 
  • Slowing your run into the control circle may help to maintain a signal.
  • Controls can register up to 10m away if the signal connection is good.
  • Turn up the volume on your phone to ensure the beep is audible.
  • New Go Ape features and associated fencing have been installed at the play area close to the Go Ape reception building. These are not shown on the map. 
  • Early experience suggests that Maprunners may most commonly find a slight delay from the ping on their phone  (20-30 seconds sometimes depending on speed and direction of approach) at the following controls: 42, 56, 60, 61, 69, 71. 

The courses available as a Maprun at Haldon are:

White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Green, Red, Super Red, Blue, Brown

For details of the permanent course at Haldon including course lengths and guidance on using the POC see: Haldon Forest POC

We would welcome feedback about how you get on at our first forested MapRun.


Maprun Haldon White

Maprun Haldon Yellow

Maprun Haldon Orange

Maprun Haldon Red.

Maprun Haldon Super Red.

Maprun Haldon Lt Green

Maprun Haldon Green

Maprun Haldon Blue.

Maprun Haldon Brown

General Safety Guidance for individual Mapruns:  

  • Individual Mapruns are run at your own risk 
  • Each runner should make their own assessment of risks in the Maprun area, including terrain and weather, and how those risks are best managed 
  • Be aware of risks associated with traffic, cyclists and pedestrians, and act sensibly 
  • Under 16’s should be accompanied or appropriately supervised, particularly where there are risks associated with traffic. 
  • Current social distancing guidance and other measures to limit risks associated with coronavirus should be followed. 
  • In more remote areas, consider the need to let someone know where you are going and alerting them when you are back.


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