Club DocumentsIncluding Club Development Plan

Last updated: Tue 14 Feb 2023

This folder will contain a range of core club documents, to which members of the club and the committeee might need to refer.

The initial document is the Club Development Plan 2016-18, which was reviewed by the committee in January 2017. If you have comments, please contact Alan Simpson, Club Development Officer.

The development plan highlights the priority activities for the Club over the period 2016-18 in order to ‘encourage and promote the sport of orienteering in Devon’.  The plan is discussed annually each Autumn by the Committee, at which time the Club’s strategic direction and financial status is considered in relation to the success of activities during the year, planned future events and any National or Regional organisation priorities.  

Devon Orienteering Club Development Plan 2017-18

Devon Orienteering Club Constitution September 2017

Publicity and Membership Jan 2017.doc