Event Organisers' ResourcesHelp for all event organisers!

Last updated: Tue 16 May 2023

This is a selection of documents, resources and templates for organisers of events. Amongst other items, the First Aid Procedures have been updated.


Event Organiser Pack & Checklist-Jan 23 

Map Printing: The two documents below, produced by Roger Green, provide a summary of numbers of maps printed for events the club has held over time. The spreadsheets are intended to assist Organisers when deciding how many maps are required for forthcoming events. 

South West League History

Event Map Printing History

Publicity Templates:

O Flyer Detail

O Flyer Simple

O Poster Give It A Try Families

O Poster Give It A Try Runners


British Orienteering Insurance FAQs


Equipment Kit


British Orienteering Risk Assessment Form V1

Risk Assessor's role for local events

Counting them all out....

Missing Competitor Procedure

First Aid Procedures 2022


Event Accounts Form 2023