Plymouth Central ParkPermanent Orienteering Course

Last updated: Sat 4 Mar 2023

The permanent orienteering course at Plymouth Central Park has been updated! This is as a result of a partnership between Plymouth City Council, Argyle Community Trust and Devon Orienteering Club.

Why not give it a go! For details see below.

The POC will give members of the public an opportunity to try out the sport. It is suitable for people of all ages and abilities and available for individuals, families and groups, including those in schools, colleges and other settings.

It also provides an opportunity for people who are familiar with the sport to train, coach others and progress.


There are a range of suggested courses, colour-coded in sequence of length, amount of climb, and difficulty from white to red:

In addition, one map shows all of the control sites within Central Park. You may wish to plan your own route.

Please be aware that there are some slopes on the Wheelchair and Buggy Friendly Course.

All courses start at the entrance to Central Park’s Community Sports Hub, just east of the Clock Tower. (The Start post is by the path to the Sports Hub at one end of the hedge.) All courses finish immediately north-east of the Clock Tower.

NB. The distances shown on the Control Description sheet represent the straight line distances between the controls. The route people actually follow will invariably

For further information and to download copies of the free maps see:

We would very much welcome feedback; let us know how you got on.