Timing and SPORTidentGuidance on DEVON's SPORTident kit and Timing setup.

Last updated: Sat 10 Feb 2024

Timing is a core part of modern orienteering; it keeps us safe, makes competition more exciting, and provides endless geeking opportunities after the event! Check out the details on this page to see how it's done.

DEVON's timing is currently managed by Martin Yeo (click to contact).

📝 Register your Si-card with SPORTident UK

Do you own an Si-card? Please register it here

This helps event volunteers in many ways: safety checks, competitor registration, result validation.

It also helps massively if you revisit the above link occasionally to make sure your details are up to date.

👋 Get Involved!

We're always keen to welcome new volunteers to help with event Timing.

  • ✅ More interesting than parking
  • ✅ Less responsibility than planning
  • ✅ Something different for a CV
  • ✅ Play with cool tech
  • ✅ Sheltered and seated
  • ✅ Easier than you think
  • ✅ Splits & Slices: an intro session with pizza!

Contact us here if you are interested 🙂

🚩 Guidance for Planners

What kit Planners need for an event, where to collect it, how to use it.

DOC Planner Si Guidance 2022-03-13.pdf

💻 Guidance for Timing Volunteers

The roles involved in event Timing, the equipment, the software, and step-by-step guidance on how to time a DEVON event.

DOC Si Timing Guide 2023-03-11.pdf

Live results signage:

🖨️ Timing without a Laptop

A lower-key setup for low-key events and activities. Needs updating.

SI without computer.pdf

🛠️ DEVON's Timing setup

Technical details - useful to others interested in timing their own events.

Devon Orienteering's Timing setup