Devon Orienteering


JK 2019 - Devon runners enjoy the heat!

More than 60 club members attended the JK this year, and performed strongly, despite the heat!

It was great to see some Devon youngsters in the top three in their class - Ben Perry, Lottie Jackson, Harriet Keenan, Harry Green, Flurry Grierson, and two of our relay teams making it on to the podium as well. Apologies if I have omitted anyone!  (ov= overall, Day 2 and 3 combined).


Day 2 & 3
M12A Ben Perry 3rd ov, Zack Stone 1st Day 3
W12B Harriet Keenan 2nd ov
M14A Will Thomas 12th ov
M14B Harry Green 3rd ov
M16A Tom Perry 13th Day 3
M18E Flurry Grierson 2nd ov, Jack Forrest 8th ov
M18L Alistair Shapland 5th ov
M40L Ben Chesters 6th ov
W50S Barbara Keenan 4th ov
M60L Rob Parkinson 8th ov
M60S David Harper 1st ov
M70L Mike Wimpenny 11th ov, Tom Lillicrap 6th Day 2
W75 Jill Green 10th Day 2
M80 Arthur Boyt 2nd ov
White Lottie Jackson 1st ov

Day 1 Sprint
W10 Lottie Jackson 6th
M12 Ben Perry 1st, Zack Stone 6th
M14 Will Thomas 7th
M16 Tom Perry 8th
M18E Flurry Grierson 3rd
M21E Jamie Parkinson 10th
W60 Dawn Williamson 11th
M70 Tom Lillicrap 7th
M80 Arthur Boyt 5th

Day 4 Relay
M/W40- Zack Stone, Oliver McWilliams, Harry Green 3rd
M165+ Rob Parkinson, David Harper, Ben Chesters 3rd
Mens’ Short Dom Walker, Fraser Dixon, Sean Rowe 8th
M/W210+ Tom Lillicrap, Arthur Boyt, Mike Wimpenny 7th

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