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Junior and Schools League Table

East Devon CATI Events 2013/14

Please see the 2013/14 schools league table below, compiled after the 3 East Devon CATI (Come and Try It) events since September 2013.

Junior and Schools League 2013/14

We are pleased to attach the School Orienteering Table of Results for the Devon Orienteering Events in East Devon (One at Killerton and two on Woodbury Common) that Tim Gent has organised & Susan and Roger Hateley have compiled. It has been really good to see such a range of schools participating and thank you for your support in advertising these events and encouraging the young people and families to take part.

For simplicity we have kept scoring simple - 100 for 1st junior, 95 2nd etc.

Many thanks to everyone that has given up their time to organise the events, plan the courses, put out controls and volunteer on the day to make it run smoothly. Well done to all of your pupils.

We hope to run another league: if you have any feedback or comment that may help this process in the future please let us know!

Many thanks, Tess Stone, Devon Orienteering Club


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