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Junior Inter-Regional Championships


Seven Juniors from Devon travelled to Wareham this weekend to represent the south-west in the Junior Inter-Regional Championships. Congratulations to the whole team on achieving 3rd place.  For the first time in 14 years the south west is back in the top three!

On the individual day on Saturday Devon runners all had good runs:

Jonty M14 14th (4.8km in 52.31)

Grey M16 10th (6.78km in 44.50)

Sean M16 22nd (6.78km in 73.38)

Joss M18 25th (8,79km in 88.41)

Chris M18 29th (8.79km in 113.56)

Emily W16 18th (5.39km in 72.41)

Ellie W18 6th (7.25km in 75.48)

The photographs show one of the girls relay starts with Emily on the start line and one of the boys relay sprint start with Grey in the front of the pack! This boys' team eventually came 2nd.

Ellie's team came 11th, Emily's 20th, Grey's 2nd, Sean and Joss's 6th & Jonty's 20th. 

The seven Devon Juniors taking part were:

Ellie Stone W18
Emily Keenan W16
Joss Knight M18
Grey Grierson M16
Chris Garrett M18
Sean Rowe M16
Jonty Eaton Hart M14

Ellie Stone was the Girls Captain and Adam Potter from BOK was the Boys Captain. Four Juniors in each age group from each region competed against each other.  The top two count towards the region's score.

The Individual races took place on Saturday 28th and the Relays were on Sunday morning, 29th September.

The Individual races were on Gore Heath, north of Wareham and the Relays at Godshill.


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