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Orienteering Competitions On Your Sofa

Here are some opportunities to take part in Lockdown Orienteering, sent in by Spencer Modica.

There is even a British Open Championship taking place over the weekend 26th -28th June:

Why not give it a go?  And there are a range of warm up games below for you to try! (this one wants registration but it’s quick and easy to register and it gives a really good insight into the mental challenge of orienteering) (this is full-on google maps streetview orienteering so is quite time consuming)

For most of these games the scoring process is as follows:

  • firstly on how many answers you get right
  • then by how long you take (from opening the link to submitting the final question)

If anyone has any queries or questions, Spencer is happy to help.

Tel:  07943 663788 email: 


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