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MapRun: Cranbrook

Cranbrook MapRun

Cranbrook ScoreB Details:

ScoreB is a time-limited scatter event with two sets of controls (ie of different “parity” - odd numbered and even numbered on the same map.)  Runners can run either evens or odds first and then the other. (More details below)

 MapRun User Guide V2

All Devon's MapRun courses can be found on the app by tapping 'Select Event > 'UK' > 'Devon.

The runner’s first block is determined by whether two odds or two evens are punched before two of the other (or stated another way, of the first three non-duplicated controls visited, two are even or two are odd). The flip to the second block is signalled by visiting two controls in the second block in succession. (ie two odds after an initial block of evens or vice versa)
Runners don’t need to visit all evens or all odds and could just visit one block of controls.
Controls of the wrong parity in a block (ie odds visited in an even block and vice versa) do not count towards the points score but can be visited in the correct block for points. These controls are listed as “Extras” in the results table.    

Points scored will be the control number rounded down to the nearest multiple of 10.  e.g. 55 will score 50 points. Lose 30 points per minute or part minute over the 60 minute time limit.

General safety guidance for individual Mapruns: Maprun


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