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MapRun: Key Information

All free to download and run!

MapRuns can all be done in your own time. There are score courses and line courses to choose from. Simply download the MapRunF app onto a smartphone, print a copy of the map and go and have a run!

Latest Maprun events: See events

Safety guidance for all individual Mapruns: See below

User Guide: MapRun User Guide V3  All Devon's MapRun courses can be found on the app by tapping 'Select Event > 'UK' > 'Devon'.

Maprun 6: We now recommend all users download the latest Maprun app, which is Maprun 6.  It can be found here:

A list of all available maps and further details can be found below: 

Bishopsteignton Maprun: maprun-bishopsteignton

Cranbrook Maprun: maprun-cranbrook

Dawlish Maprun: maprun-dawlish

Exeter Heavitree Maprun: maprun-exeter-heavitree

Exeter Polsloe and Mincinglake: maprun-exeter-polsloe

Exeter St Leonards Maprun: maprun-exeter-st-leonards

Exminster Maprun: maprun-exminster

Golden Dagger Maprun: maprun-golden-dagger (Unavailable until 1.8.21)

Haldon Forest Park, Nr Exeter Maprun: maprun-haldon-forest-park

Haytor Maprun: maprun-haytor 

Holne Moor Maprun: maprun-holne-moor (Unavailable until 1.8.21)

South Hessary Maprun: maprun-south-hessary-dartmoor 

Teignmouth Maprun: maprun-teignmouth

Torquay Shiphay Maprun (Long): maprun-torquay-shiphay-long 

Torquay Shiphay Maprun (Short): maprun-torquay-shiphay-short

Totnes Maprun: maprun-totnes

Whitchurch Common Maprun: maprun-whitchurch-common (Unavailable until 1.9.21)

Woodbury Common: maprun-woodbury-common (Unavailable until 1.8.21)

Woodbury Common (Trial): maprun-woodbury-common-trial-line-course (Unavailable until 1.8.21)

In order to protect ground nesting birds, following the approaches of individual landowners, some of the above mapruns have been listed here as unavailable until August 2021. 

General safety guidance for individual Mapruns:  

  • Individual Mapruns are run at your own risk 
  • Each runner should make their own assessment of risks in the Maprun area, including terrain and weather, and how those risks are best managed 
  • Be aware of risks associated with traffic, cyclists and pedestrians, and act sensibly 
  • Under 16’s should be accompanied or appropriately supervised, particularly where there are risks associated with traffic. 
  • Current social distancing guidance and other measures to limit risks associated with coronavirus should be followed. 
  • In more remote areas, visit the venue with at least one other "buddy" who knows the area you are in, when you leave for your run and when you are expected back. Alternatively let someone know your plans and alert them when you are back. Carry a whistle in addition to your phone. 

  • On Dartmoor, if the weather is poor then think twice about going out. This applies, in particular, to the colder, darker times of the year. 


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