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Maprun: Shiphay, Torquay

From Sunday 18th October 2020

We are opening up the next in our maprun series, the Torquay Shiphay maprun on Sunday 18th October with it staying open until the 1st November 2020. There is a long or short version. Hopefully many of you will give it a go. Feel free to post how you did on the Devon OC facebook page.  Details below. 

Directions: The start and finish are close to Torquay Boys Grammar school TQ2 7EL. It is recommended that you park in the car parks in Shiphay Manor Drive on weekends. 

Course Information: These two Mapruns are line courses taking you through housing areas with a detour through the countryside, on the longer course, for a change. 

Torquay Shiphay MapRun LONG

Torquay Shiphay MapRun SHORT

Essential Information:

  • As with all of our runs you will need to download the Maprun F app onto your phone and then access the event to download the map onto your phone as well. Always best done before you leave home.
  • Go to    Map run …. UK…. Devon…. Torquay Shiphay Long
  • Although it is possible to run using just the map on the phone we strongly recommend printing off a copy of the map on the link above. 
  • If you haven't tried MapRun before more details can be found on the website here:  Devon Orienteering.Maprun

This is a straightforward maprun before you are launched back out onto the moor at South Hessary on the 2nd November! Details of that one will be out in a fortnight's time.

General safety guidance for all individual Mapruns:  

  • Individual Mapruns are run at your own risk 
  • Each runner should make their own assessment of risks in the Maprun area, including terrain and weather, and how those risks are best managed 
  • Be aware of risks associated with traffic, cyclists and pedestrians, and act sensibly 
  • Under 16’s should be accompanied or appropriately supervised, particularly where there are risks associated with traffic. (NB. The above Golden dagger course is not suitable for novices.)
  • Current social distancing guidance and other measures to limit risks associated with coronavirus should be followed. 
  • In more remote areas, visit the venue with at least one other "buddy" who knows the area you are in, when you leave for your run and when you are expected back. Alternatively let someone know your plans and alert them when you are back. Carry a whistle as well as your phone. 


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