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Exeter Maprun: Polsloe and Mincinglake

This is a 60 minute score course in Exeter. The course is a mixture of residential streets, open parkland and a couple of hills thrown in for good measure!  For details see below.

Exeter Polsloe and Mincinglake Details:

  • Car parking is in a small car park to the SE end of Mincinglake Valley Park off Calthorpe Road, nearest postcode EX4 7JT. 
  • The Start & Finish are located on the edge of the car park. There is also parking on nearby residential streets.
  • Prince Charles Road leading into Beacon Lane runs through part of the map and can get busy at certain times of the day. Please be careful when crossing these roads and stay out of the marked OOB areas.
  • The scale of the map is 1:7500
  • The Start and Finish are located at the same place. Once you have started your run, do not pass the Start again until you actually wish to Finish!  
  • pdf for printing:Maprun Exeter Polsloe & Mincinglake
  • Control Descriptions for printingExeter Polsloe & Mincinglake Control Descriptions

Additional Maprun Information:

'Just a quick reminder that you are allowed to leave your house to exercise… in a socially distanced manner of course. There are numerous virtual courses around our county with one or more within easy travelling distance of most of you. Don’t forget to go onto MaprunF on your phone and see what is available within Devon. It might surprise you.

We are continuing to open up new courses every fortnight but because of limitations in travelling will be leaving them open to all for the foreseeable future.

If you haven't tried MapRun before a User Guide and more details can be found on the website here:

General safety guidance for individual Mapruns:  

  • Individual Mapruns are run at your own risk 
  • Each runner should make their own assessment of risks in the Maprun area, including terrain and weather, and how those risks are best managed 
  • Be aware of risks associated with traffic, cyclists and pedestrians, and act sensibly 
  • Under 16’s should be accompanied or appropriately supervised, particularly where there are risks associated with traffic. 
  • Current social distancing guidance and other measures to limit risks associated with coronavirus should be followed. 
  • In more remote areas, visit the venue with at least one other "buddy" who knows the area you are in, when you leave for your run and when you are expected back. Alternatively let someone know your plans and alert them when you are back. Carry a whistle in addition to your phone. 
  • On Dartmoor, if the weather is poor then think twice about going out. This applies, in particular, to the colder, darker times of the year. 


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