BOF special E-Learning course offer this March!Take advantage of limited offer

Last updated: Mon 4 Mar 2024

Thinking of becoming a Planner?  British Orienteering E-Learning Course, Introduction to Planning is an excellent way to start.  For March only, cost reduced to just £6.

Planning is the one of the most rewarding and enjoyable roles. Not only does it improve your navigation skills, but it can also provide you with a different and new type of orienteering challenge.

The British Orienteering E-Learning Course, Introduction to Planning , developed with the expertise of Barry Elkington (Octavian Droobers) and the educational robustness of Pauline Olivant (Nottinghamshire Orienteering Club) is a great place to start.

This course is aimed at current and experienced Orienteers who wish to become a Planner.

By the end of the course you will have a great understanding of how to plan your first local event and how the roles of the main officials interact.

The Club will pay for any Club member who enrols (it's probably easier for individuals to enter themselves, and ask the Treasurer for reimbursement).