Devon Orienteering


Haldon Forest Park (Forest England)

Permanent Orienteering Course

Info updated: 06th Jul

The Permanent Orienteering Course at Haldon Forest Park opened in May 2019. 

You can now (July 2020) also run all of the courses using your smart phone to record your time, your split times between controls and your route using the same POC course maps! See Maprun details: Haldon Maprun

Waterproof, full colour maps may be purchased from the Rangers' Office at the park, or a copy may be downloaded from the British Orienteering website: here 

Safety Information:

If out on your own, let someone know your plans.
If lost, the safety bearing is East, until you reach a public road.
In case of emergency, call 999 or 112.
Nearest access road: Haldon Ridge Road, west off the A38 at Exeter Racecourse.
Nearest A&E Hospital: Royal Devon and Exeter, Wonford, Exeter 01392 411611
Address: Haldon Forest Park, Kennford, Exeter, EX6 7XR
Grid Reference for Forestry Commission  Office: SX 884849
Haldon Rangers Telephone:  0300 067 5826

Important safety guidance for individuals and groups using permanent courses can be seen at:

Visitor Information:

Parking charges apply, regular visitors may purchase a Discovery Pass.
Opening hours: See website


Courses are graded by technical difficulty and length from White (easiest), Yellow, Orange, Red, Super Red,  Light Green,  Green,  Blue, to Brown (hardest).  Choose an easier course to begin with.

For an explanation of colour coded courses see

For wheelchair users, the White course is suitable; otherwise you may use the All Controls map and plan your own route.

NB. New Go Ape features and associated fencing have been installed at the play area close to the Go Ape reception building. These are not shown on the map. 

Top Tips for Beginners:

1. Fold your map – so that you can easily see where you are on part of the map.

2. Orientate your map - make sure that your map is the correct way round or orientated so that the features which are in front of you on the ground are in front of you on the map. You can also orientate your map using a compass. 

3. Thumb your map - mark your position on the map with your thumb. As you move along the ground move your thumb to your new position on the map.

4. Understand the map key – know what the features and colours on the map mean by checking against the key. 

5. Check the control description and code - once you have found a control,  check that the code on your control description sheet matches the code on the control.

6. Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Cycle Track:

The main cycle track in the area is highlighted in red, with the arrow showing the direction of travel. Take care when crossing all cycle tracks and avoid standing or running along the marked cycle track. 

Local Events:

The local club is Devon Orienteering Club. For information on orienteering events in the area please go to or

All ages, All abilities, All welcome!




Nearest town: Exeter

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Safety and Risk

Participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety whilst using the course.