Devon Orienteering


Seaton, East Devon

Permanent Orienteering Course

Info updated: 06th May

This permanent course has been developed and is managed and maintained by Seaton Town Council together with Seaton Wetlands. In all, there are six individual courses for you to choose from. For details see:

Seaton Town: "Our brand new Seaton orienteering course leads visitors and locals alike around some of the town’s premier attractions, providing a physical and mental challenge in the process. Follow a series of clues around a point-to-point circuit that will keep you on your toes and open up one of the Jurassic Coast’s best-kept secrets piece by piece. The course has been designed jointly with Seaton Wetlands who have a trail on site in addition to our town centre trails. Maps are available as Seaton Tourist Information Centre  or at the wetlands for all courses."


Nearest town: Seaton

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Safety and Risk

Participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety whilst using the course.