Devon Orienteering


Devon League Event 3

Ashclyst Forest, Exeter

Sun 08th Dec 2013

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: Ashclyst Forest, Nr Budlake, Exeter

Results Ashclyst Forest

Route Gadget Ashclyst Forest

-and some photographs of the event below.


What a great sunny(ish) day. Well planned courses by Nick Hockey and controlled by Dave Bramley. My first time as organiser for a league event and it all went very smoothly thanks to my many helpers and all the club members who added their skills. A large turn out with many new faces. A few more members for the club I hope. Access was arranged by Nicholas Maxwell from the National Trust. Dave Bramley has bought 50 whistles which will be on sale at our other events so all runners can carry one for each event (a good idea), only 50p each.

 Anybody who would like to help out the club by organising one of the club events please contact myself or Nicholas Maxwell and we can go through some dates to suit.

Soon be the Christmas event on 27th December!

Tim Gent

Organiser and Fixtures Secretary


Devon League Event

King's Tor, Princetown

Sun 24th Nov 2013

Type of event: Local-(D)
Near: King Tor, Princetown

Results: King's Tor

Great event today. Perfect -if not a little cold -conditions and enjoyable courses. Many thanks in particular to Matt Atkins (Planner), Ella Bowles (Organiser) and Nicholas Maxwell (Controller) and thanks also to all of the other helpers on the day -and to everyone for turning up and running. Three photogrpahs from the day can be seen below.

Planner's Comments:

Having planned a couple of events previously without any major hiccups I was confident that King's Tor would be fairly straightforward. All seemed to be going well until I sent the courses to Roger Green for printing, who pointed out that the background map was a different scale to my course setting file. The significance of this didn't immediately sink in until I realised that all the courses were measuring half as long again as they should be, putting them all over the guidelines!! (more experienced planners, on reading this, will be nodding sagely thinking ' Basic schoolboy error!') Mild panic ensued as I had to reconfigure & shorten all the courses to acceptable lengths. I have to thank Roger & Nicholas Maxwell for their help & advice in doing this.

The general feedback on the day was positive, so I guess the re-ordered courses must have been ok!

The Yellow & Orange courses were still slightly long but I don't think anyone struggled too much. Yellow was also quite a technical course & we thought it may prove quite challenging. However, runners seemed to cope fairly well, getting round without any major problems. The sunny weather & good visibility helped with this.

On reflection, I would advise all potential / novice planners to check carefully that the scale of your background map corresponds with the scale of your course setting file, before even starting your planning, as it really is pretty critical!!

Well done to Ella for making organising look easy!  Thanks also to those who held on to help collect controls at the end.

Matt Atkins

Controller's Comments

Matt's courses gave an interesting tour of the area for the yellow and orange courses and the high start was to help keep the overall  climb down on those courses. There is a large marshy area in the middle and the planning choices are limited if the shorter courses cannot complete a circuit.  On the day  with the frosty conditions I think the walk to the start helped everybody to warm up. 

For this time of year the weather was favourable with great visibility which helped to give some very fast times.

I confess that I was also caught out by the map scale. It is a reminder to all planners/controllers to check this early on.  Thanks to Matt for adapting his courses so quickly.  We will hold a planning course for all prospective and actual planners/ controllers in the Spring and as part of that training on OCAD.

Thanks to Ella for organising the event and setting up in the sub zero biting wind before the sun rose.

Nicholas Maxwell

This is the 2nd Devon League event of the 2013/14 season. The area is typical Dartmoor: open with good runnability, except in the wetter areas, in areas of broken ground, including clitter, and on the tors. Previous mining and quarrying adds to the complexity of contour features.


Uphams Plantation, Woodbury Common

Day event followed by night event

Sat 16th Nov 2013

Type of event: Local-(D), Night
Near: Uphams Plantation, Woodbury Common



51.44      Moira Glen                       W50

62.24  Damien Doyle                       M18  Bicton College

96.40  David Hedges                       M60

GREEN COURSE (NB Amendment 21.11.13 to approximate time and position for Jonty Eaton-Hart)

18.19   Ben Chesters                     M21

36.01   Pete Maliphant                   M55

37.50   Jonty Eaton-Hart                M14  Colyton Grammar School

44.10   Ellie Stone                          W18  Woodruffe

48.56   Robin Carter                       W50

51.03   Guy Balmer                        M40

54.53   Phil Tadd                            M60

59.37   Emily Keenan                      W16  Sidmouth College 

62.12  John Chesters                      M60

69.15  Sarah Tadd                           W50

81.08  Hugh Crawford                      M55

RETD   Tess Stone                          W45


29.10   Alan Knight                          M50

35.16   Barbara Keenan                   W45

47.09   Will Stokes                           M14  Colyton Grammar School

48.50   Dominic Walker                     M14  Kings School 

50.07   Don + Deb                            M50 + W45

58.15   Philippa Bushell                    W50

62.57  Ruth Plumer                          W14  Colyton Grammar School 

64.30  Moira Glen                            W50

78.13  Hattie Ajderian                       W55

104.20  Noah Bodley-Scott               Colyton Grammar School


26.08   Jack Elson                           M14  Kings School 

33.08   Meg Somers                        W12  Kings School 

36.42   Dominic Walker                    M14  Kings School 

37.18   Mary Conway                      W14  Colyton Grammar School 

67.50  Izzy Wright                            W13  Sidmouth College  

72.00  Paul Wright

72.45  Eleanor Duckworth                 W21

72.45  Ruth Carter                           W45


47.42   Ben Andow                          Tipton St John  yr4

48.15   Sophie Andow                     Tipton St John  yr6

48.15   Anna Andow                        Tipton St John

56.47   Archie McGrath                    M8  Lympstone Primary

91.25  Luke Wlasak                         Yr3


32.36   Ryley Gething                      M6  Ottery Primary 

32.49   Millie Gething                      W8  Ottery Primary 

35.47   Harriet Keenan                    W6  Sidmouth Primary

36.00   Rose Ashby                         W6  Sidmouth Primary

36.26   Archie McGrath                    M8  Lympstone Primary

54.15   Garath Milton




41.08   Robin Carter                        W50

45.20   James Jackson                    M40

110.30  Dan Graves                        Colyton Grammar School    missed no. 9


42.00   Grey Grierson                     M16  Kings School 

44.17   Alan Knight                          M50

57.27   Alan Haylock

66.44  James Nicholson                  M16  Colyton Grammar School   missed no.3

Retd.   Nick Aiderian                       M50


21.05   Ben Chesters                       M21

55.53   John Chesters                      M60

66.10  Matt Atkins                           M40

No finish time recorded                    Adrian Taylor  M55

Retd.   Paul Goff                              M40


38.40   Lorraine Croome                 W45

38.58   Dulcie Grierson                   W14  Kings School


19.27   Flurry Grierson                    M12  Kings School


Uphams Plantation 16th November 2013

Organiser's Comments

A beautiful winter's day with another good turnout. Plenty of club orienteers mixed in with juniors and a few new faces. I hope those new to orienteering try out the league events on the Devon club website.

Thankyou to Adrian for planning some great courses and the night events went down very well with orienteers and Hashers alike. Thanks to all my many helpers and a big thankyou to Roger Green for controlling this event. See you all at the next event.

Tim Gent


Devon/ Cornwall Night League

Burrator (Norsworthy Bridge), Plymouth

Sat 09th Nov 2013

Type of event: Local-(D), Night
Near: Norsworthy Bridge, Burrator


1. Steve Edmonds       47 mins

2. Rob Naylor              53 mins

3. Phil Newall              59 mins

4.Mark Lockett            60 mins

Nigel Worsey              Retd


1. Arthur Boyt            81 mins (Amended 24.12.13)

2. Adele Newall           Retd?

3. Sue Boyt                 Retd


Kim Boswijck              16.00

Please note that, as a result of a probelm with Download, the times for the results are only approximate.


Killerton Family Event

Family day event followed by night event

Sat 26th Oct 2013

Type of event: Local-(D), Night
Near: Killerton, Broadclyst, Exeter




Time    Name

31:00  Becky &Keith George        F/M45

32:50  Alfie Devine-Wright            M14      Uffculme School

35:00  Moira Glen                        W50

35:30  Hannah Devine-Wright        W45

41:00  Don&Debs Marriott            W45

43:00  Esme Green

56:00  Joseph Green                    M12

1:06:00  Chris Bruce                     M40

1:07:55  Matthew Goodwin           Yr 10

1:08:00  E. Bruce                         W40


17:44  Ben Chesters                    M21

21:00  Barbara Keenan                W45

23:00  Jonty Eaton-Hart               M14  Colyton Grammar School

28:00  Chris Monkaster                M55  Kerno

30:58  Tessa Stone                      W45

32:00  Andrew Eaton-Hart            M45

35:00  Rachel Wieck&Nigel Pinkstone  W35&M50

40:14  John Chesters                    M60

41:00  Roger Hateley                    M70

42:00  Chris Miller                         M50

42:45  Patrick Devine-Wright          M40

46:00  John&Ruth Plumer               M40 & W13

50:00  Susan Hateley                     W65


20:00  Will Stokes                          M14  Colyton Grammar School

20:00  Patrick Devine Wright           M40

24:30  Francesca Perren-Smart      W14  TGGS

25:40  Emily Keenan                       W16  Sidmouth College

29:15  Julie Perren                          W45

31:00  Phillippa Bushell                    W50

28:00  Moira Glen                           W50

40:00  Rupert&Ewan Warren

46:00  John&Ruth Plumer                 M40 & W13

1:08:00  Elspeth Muir                       W14

1:08:00  Imogen Muir                       W16      


19:00  Francesca Perren-Smart        W14   TGGS 

19:49  Julie Perren                           W45

20:37  Emma Eaton-Hart                  W12  Colyton  

22:00  Angus Muir                            M12  Colyton

23:00  Rupert&Ewan Warren

30:00  Delilah Pearson                      W12 Colyton

30:00  Emeline Pearson                     W13 Colyton

30:00  Mary Conway                         W13 Colyton

30:00  Dan Graves                            CGS

33:00  Mark Graves                           CGS

47:00  Sarah Foulkes                         W35

58:57  Ruth Skolmli                            W11 Colyton Grammar School

1:02:00  Luke Wlasak                         St Nicholas School Y3


15:00  Samuel Johnson                        M12  TBGS

15:30  Tommy Wright                           M12  TBGS

17:20  Mark Graves                             CGS

20:00  Steve Wright                             M40

21:50  Dan Graves                               CGS

28:00  Noah Russo                               M6 West Hill School  Y2

35:30  Katie&Lara Marriott                    W10 Sidmouth Primary


9:50  Samuel Johnson                           M12 TBGS

10:50  Steve Wright                               M40

12:37  Tommy Wright                             M12 TBGS

14:00  Joseph Green

19:00  Katie&Lara Marriott                    W10 Sidmouth Primary

22:00  Harriet Keenan                           W6 Sidmouth Primary

23:00  Noah Russo                                M6 West Hill School 

26:00  Ava Russo                                  W6 West Hill School 

26:00  Esme Green

50:15  Hermione Pearson                       W7 Maynard



1:19:12  Dan&Mark Graves                     M12 CGS


43:34  Alan Knight                                    M50


19:30  Ben Chesters                                 M21

37:11  Tim Gent                                        M45

39:31  Ruth&John Chesters                       W/M60


42:27  Sophia & David Manley                    W12  Colyton Grammar School


21:34  Sophia & David Manley                     W12  Colyton Grammar School

Organiser's Comments

Being a come and try it event we had success in that out of the 65 people in the day event many were either new to orienteering or not members of the club. Plenty of juniors and even a hardy few tried the night event which endured the main weather of strong winds and heavy rainfall. I thank all my helpers in this event without which it would not have been such a success.

Now is the time to look at the next CATI event on Sat 16th November at Uphams Plantation, Woodbury Common. Helpers needed please and of course plenty of orienteers to try out the day and night events.

Day 14.30 until 16.00

Courses close 17.00

Evening 18.45 until 19.45

Courses close 21.00


South West League (Galoppen) Event

Holne Moor, Hexworthy

Sun 13th Oct 2013

Type of event: District-(C)
Near: Holne Moor, Holne

Holne Moor Results

Route Gadget (including Splits Browser)

Photographs below, including winning competitors on the Brown and Blue Courses, completing their courses in excellent times. Well done to Ben and Rob- and to all winners and competitors.

Please see a flier for the event: Holne Moor flier

For details of all of the SWOA Galoppen (League) Events see:


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