Devon Orienteering


Plymouth University

Urban event

Sat 24 Nov 2012

Type of event: Urban

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Whitchurch Common

Night Event

Sat 10 Nov 2012

Type of event: Night


Organiser's Comments

I am sorry I forgot to bring the hire dibbers along. So Paul and Harriet Ames and Amanda Raynham and Adrian Dobbs had to “self-time” round the course. Fortunately, with some help from the AutoDownload team in Cumbria, I was able to insert start and finish times. Incidentally this was the first occasion I had tried using AutoDownload in its “auto” mode. It avoids the registration process providing a) you have a personal dibber and b) you have registered it online with When you download it identifies you, checks the controls you have visited against the master list, and assigns the appropriate course.

Alan Simpson


Burrator Galoppen

Sun 21 Oct 2012

Type of event: Local-(D)

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Organiser's Comments

A fine autumn day on Dartmoor: what could be better for orienteering?  The only problem was that the previous month’s heavy rain had left the parking field very soft and an early morning decision was taken to avoid the certainty of damage to the field and the likelihood of stranded vehicles.  Fortunately, the roads outside provided adequate parking, albeit at some inconvenience to other road users enjoying the fine weather.


Ashclyst Forest

Sun 7 Oct 2012

Type of event: District-(C)
Near: Westwood

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Organiser's Comment

Well done to everyone who tackled the mud at Ashclyst! Nick & Roger as Planner & Controller respectively, carried out their roles with the calmness & efficiency that comes with years of experience.


Devon Galoppen

Incorporating the Yvette Baker Trophy Qualifier

Sun 13 Nov 2011

Type of event:
Near: Poundsgate

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Planner's Comments

Holne Moor is the area on which I attended my first ever Orienteering event. I was just 7 and followed my Dad around the Green Course, and all I could think about was how much my legs ached. But, there must have been something I enjoyed about it! Consequently, it was with enthusiasm that I accepted the offer to plan on the area, as it seemed like an appropriate place for me to plan an event.


Caddihoe Chase 2011

Burrator, Dartmoor

Sat 17 Sep 2011

Type of event: Regional-(B)

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Organiser’s Comments

Thank you all for coming, and enduring a spot of weather. It is the fifth time we have used THAT FIELD for parking for Caddihoes over the last 20 years, but we got the short straw this year. 15 tons of hardcore at the entrance and earthbank boundaries did not help much. So the planned arena finish in the field got scuppered, and my car certainly went away very muddy.


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