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Scottish 6 Days 2021

Interested in sharing a caravan?

David Harper is thinking of renting a caravan at the official camp site for the Scottish 6 Day event in 2021 and is wondering if anyone else might be thinking of going and would like to share. If so, please see more details below....

"I've established a price of £720 for the event duration so if there are 4 of us it would make it quite reasonable. I'm also thinking of hiring a car through my BA staff discount scheme as I'm probably going to fly up although I haven't a clue what sort of schedules will exist given the current crisis.

I would still use the event bus though and use the car to get about more locally so we wouldn't be stuck in the campsite. If there were some club members interested I could discuss logistics once we know what's happening and if indeed the Scottish really does go ahead."

David can be contacted on 


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