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SI Team Workshop

Thursday 11th February 2016

As you may know, a group of Club Members form the DEVON OC "SI Team". Their particular task is to run the computers at all events using Sportident controls and dibbers, ie most events. I am very grateful for their committed and enthusiastic support.

Occasionally we have a Team Workshop, and one such is scheduled for 19.30 on Thursday 11th February at my house near Ashburton.

The 2016 version of my "Beginner's Guide to AutoDownload" will provide a number of discussion points, and we will have computers in action to practice, amongst other things, downloading the contents of the Check Box after the Start has closed. This is an essential step in safety monitoring, ie achieving an exact count of competitors passing through the start and returning safely to download.

If any other club members are interested in attending the workshop, they will be most welcome. Please get in touch with me.

Alan Simpson


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Alan Simpson